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Floating Down Pennsylvania Avenue


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It has been a busy winter and I can’t wait to tell you about:  Christmas at Fenway, a new addition to Bentley University …and about being Santa at Greenfield Community College’s holiday party and wish you a happy new year.  I can do that really fast- Happy New Year.  The rest will have to wait until after….

this Sunday,January 21st

Because I will be in the Inaugural Parade with 56 CCI assistance dogs and dogs-in-training! Dream come true for Canine Companions- could be better than winning the World Series (if it happened more often).  I know that Governor and Mrs. Patrick have a fine lab- perhaps we can all have a sit down while we are all in town to discuss some issues small and large like: covering service dogs for military vets with PTSD, health care,  gun violence, and that silly trillion-dollar coin (they are all serious as a cliff- “the” cliff, but the coin has to be a joke from a Saturday Night Live skit that the news got confused with a real story).

Here is some information about the parade before I float too off track:

2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade on January 21st in Washington DC.

CCI is one of 43 organizations from across the nation selected for this honor from over 2,800 applicants.   134 CCI assistance dog teams, puppy raising families, volunteers and supporters will march in the parade, along with 57 assistance dogs and dog-in-training, which will be viewed by millions across the globe.

“The President has placed a big emphasis on the idea of service – including a National Day of Service as part of the inaugural tradition – and many of the groups chosen to march in the parade reflect the idea of serving one another and giving back to the community”, according to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Take a look at the News 9 coverage and story ( in case the link doesn’t work):–

More later…hope you will be watching the parade.

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Fenway the Dog

Nuf Ced*

This was my colleague and me at the Fenway Open House Thursday- I chose it because this is how I feel after this game today and it looks like he is concerned and comforting me. Right now, I am trying to remember the bright side of this week, which includes recalling that 54,000 fans came to walk around the Park that day. I was also touched to have so many of  those visitors stop by to share their stories about the Girl Scouts, service dogs, beloved family pets, and  their devotion to the Red Sox through good times and bad.  That is some of what we, as service dogs are trained to do- be there to smooth out the rough spots. Those things help me to refocus on what is important, and that I am a proclaimed optimist. At today’s painful loss to the Yankees, I think we needed an army of Canine Companion dogs to console our fans.

I am planning on keeping the faith.  That is what Red Sox fans do…please stay with me.

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Fenway the Dog


*these were the words of “Nuf Ced” McGreevy ” Above is his photo and some background from Wikipedia which I found very interesting- maybe you will too, and hope it distracts you from any pessimistic thoughts which might be swirling around in your head about the season.

Michael T. “Nuf Ced” McGreevey was the leader of the most vocal fans of the “Boston Americans”(now the Boston Red Sox), today known as the  “Royal Rooters”. McGreevey owned the Third Base Saloon, which got its name because, like third base, it was the last stop before home. His saloon was Boston’s original sports bar – it was decorated in a baseball theme, with pictures of the players, and a scoreboard on the outside wall. His nickname “Nuf Ced” was given to him because that was what he usually shouted to end barroom disputes, usually about the Boston Americans and the Boston Braves.

McGreevey amassed a rich collection of photographs, clippings, and other baseball memorabilia. When Prohibition forced McGreevey to close Third Base, he donated his collection to the Boston Public Library. Author Glenn Stout (A Red Sox Century) helped popularize the collection when he worked at the library.

The theme song of the “Royal Rooters” was “Tessie”from the Broadway musical “The Silver Slipper”. McGreevey was immortalized in a 2004 remake of the song by the Irish American punk band Dropkick Murphys. It subsequently was part of the soundtrack of the movie Fever Pitch concerning fans of the 2004 season of the Red Sox.

In 2008, Dropkick Murphys  bassist  Ken Casey  re-opened Third Base, although it is no longer known as such. Now the tavern is known as McGreevey’s and can be converted to open-air. There is also a sign on the front of the bar that says “1200 Steps to Fenway Park.” It is on Boylston Street and is right across the street from the Hynes Convention Center located in the Back Bay of Boston.

(Fenway Park just opened a room named after him at Fenway Park called the Royal Rooters’ Club”)


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