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Not a Trick…here come the treats

Hello Everyone!

Even Hurricane Sandy cant keep me from coming to town this week to see my friends.  I will be handing out some treats at Halloween at Fenway (please come), and blowing around town giving some Fenway the Dog Treats to dog-friendly businesses.  We landed some at Angell Memorial last week for their Hall of Fame Dinner and for their Pit Bull Spay/Neuter clinic.  (if you go there, I can’t promise it will still be hanging on the letter d…but please go visit them and their adoption center while you are there…tell them I sent you).

Not to be a tattle tail but, some dog friendly places I know of for starters are: Fast Frame in Washington Square in Brookline Village.  Hsui-Lan, the owner, always has her greyhound in the store, and recently coordinated a dog-friendly community Wag-A-Thon, Serenella on Newbury Leslee the owner raises lots of money for animal support organizations, of course Fairmont Copley Plaza where my pal Catie Copley lives (she almost always in the lobby meeting and greeting)…I am giving them all some treats for being so nice.  There are tons more- please feel free to write me and be a dog-friendly dog catcher.  Nothing makes me more happy than to see a nice water bowl outside of a place of business. Why is it that people are so worried about touching public bathroom door handles while we are sharing slobber and drinking out of toilets?  I am not saying that God likes us more….but don’t you think it is remarkable that we can eat some gross dead thing we find on a walk, while humans get sick from a slightly old bologna sandwich?

In case you are a high school senior and looking for a dog friendly place-  Bentley University might soon be dog friendly…and have some Canine Companions puppies on campus being raised (just as i am doing at Greenfield Community College)!  It is nice of them to also have Canine Companions blue and yellow colors like we do.  Stay tuned for more on that.

See you around Boston this week!


Fenway the Dog


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