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Great Start to Opening Day

Just in case you might not look through the entire paper this morning, stop by pages 26 & 27 of the Herald.  This issue is packed with other great photos and stories about Fenway Park- check it out.

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Hitting the Road



Just a few other pictures from truck day yesterday.  I am still trying to figure out why they were loading a “PEA” sign. Hope someone from the Red Sox writes to solve that mystery for me- I can’t sleep. The other pictures are of my friends Nagal & Vernell and the trailer they road on with Red Sox Ambassadors and Wally. I forgot to list Nagal & Vernell yesterday in the clubhouse shot- even Richard Weir mentioned them in his article in the Herald today (he is a dog guy so I like him right away).  The trailer lead the truck out of town while flooding the streets with foam baseballs & ballgame music favorites like: Tessie, Sweet Caroline & Muddy Water.  The people in cars and on sidewalks didn’t know quite what to make of this rogue procession, but it produced great smiles and waves as people rolled down their windows and pulled out their phones to take pictures.  I don’t have a shot of the student they passed who mooned from inside a cafe- I guess I we have to keep things at least PG and mostly PC…but that was a special moment.

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