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Head over Heels

Well, I will say that many things happened on the field this Friday including a baseball game, but for some reason this moment keeps drowning out all of the other moments that day.  I will never wash my head again, Paula kissed me.

I am in Love,

Fenway the Dog

P.s. I was downloading some of Paula’s music today… all of the lyrics are also now stuck in my head.  They speak to me…Promise of a New day, Will You Marry Me, Under my Spell….yes, Opposites Attract.

Fenway Park June 8, 2012

Who Knows?

Why  97? A couple of days ago, I had some special guests come to Fenway Park for a visit. There are some great pictures from the day which I will share with you this week…there were many uniforms and lots of green (themes of service & troops brought us all together). Perhaps the girls who got an inside look behind the scoreboard will write to solve the mystery of why Wally is holding a 97 (yes, of course I know).  Maybe if I can get 100 of them to follow me, that will motivate me to get the pictures out there faster.  Soon, the blog will be officially announced…and I will invite you all over to Fenway for an event.  I wonder if the Red Sox would let me invite dogs.  I will bring the cookies.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog

By the way, if anyone is interested in what my takeaways are from the Mrs. Brady incident here they are: I will make all my post-game comments in the car with the windows up.  Dogs and reporters have sharp hearing, with  peculiar filters.  I am glad that I am expected to fetch and not throw.  People expect celebrities to be so polite. It would be so hard to not bark or bite when you are being chased and yelled at after a bad day when all you want to do is go hide in your dog house.


Fenway @ Fenway

Most of you never stopped, but for those of you who temporarily got distracted by other things, it is time to start thinking about Red Sox baseball again- full time.  Just to refresh the red clay in my paws…I stopped by for a little walk in the Park with Wally (don’t worry Dave, although it was as hard to resist as a fire hydrant, I stayed on the warning track).  What a beautiful day and what month is it anyway??…it sure felt like spring to me.  I  met with Community Relations to talk about some exciting things coming up for both Fenway the Park and Fenway the Dog this year…it is going to be a big year of activities around the 100th anniversary.  I also had some special guests over…photos to follow.  Just want to give a hint that I think the cookie deal I have been Scouting is in the bag.

stay tuned,

Fenway the Dog



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