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Nuf Ced*

This was my colleague and me at the Fenway Open House Thursday- I chose it because this is how I feel after this game today and it looks like he is concerned and comforting me. Right now, I am trying to remember the bright side of this week, which includes recalling that 54,000 fans came to walk around the Park that day. I was also touched to have so many of  those visitors stop by to share their stories about the Girl Scouts, service dogs, beloved family pets, and  their devotion to the Red Sox through good times and bad.  That is some of what we, as service dogs are trained to do- be there to smooth out the rough spots. Those things help me to refocus on what is important, and that I am a proclaimed optimist. At today’s painful loss to the Yankees, I think we needed an army of Canine Companion dogs to console our fans.

I am planning on keeping the faith.  That is what Red Sox fans do…please stay with me.

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Fenway the Dog


*these were the words of “Nuf Ced” McGreevy ” Above is his photo and some background from Wikipedia which I found very interesting- maybe you will too, and hope it distracts you from any pessimistic thoughts which might be swirling around in your head about the season.

Michael T. “Nuf Ced” McGreevey was the leader of the most vocal fans of the “Boston Americans”(now the Boston Red Sox), today known as the  “Royal Rooters”. McGreevey owned the Third Base Saloon, which got its name because, like third base, it was the last stop before home. His saloon was Boston’s original sports bar – it was decorated in a baseball theme, with pictures of the players, and a scoreboard on the outside wall. His nickname “Nuf Ced” was given to him because that was what he usually shouted to end barroom disputes, usually about the Boston Americans and the Boston Braves.

McGreevey amassed a rich collection of photographs, clippings, and other baseball memorabilia. When Prohibition forced McGreevey to close Third Base, he donated his collection to the Boston Public Library. Author Glenn Stout (A Red Sox Century) helped popularize the collection when he worked at the library.

The theme song of the “Royal Rooters” was “Tessie”from the Broadway musical “The Silver Slipper”. McGreevey was immortalized in a 2004 remake of the song by the Irish American punk band Dropkick Murphys. It subsequently was part of the soundtrack of the movie Fever Pitch concerning fans of the 2004 season of the Red Sox.

In 2008, Dropkick Murphys  bassist  Ken Casey  re-opened Third Base, although it is no longer known as such. Now the tavern is known as McGreevey’s and can be converted to open-air. There is also a sign on the front of the bar that says “1200 Steps to Fenway Park.” It is on Boylston Street and is right across the street from the Hynes Convention Center located in the Back Bay of Boston.

(Fenway Park just opened a room named after him at Fenway Park called the Royal Rooters’ Club”)

Looking Forward, Looking Back

This is going to be a great season and celebration of Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary.  I want to start with this shot from the Green Monster on Opening Day (a great win, and proof that sometimes good things happen on Friday the 13th).  There are interesting and exciting things happening and lots to talk about- Girl Scout Dog Treats at Fenway,  55,000 visitors who came to Fenway Park yesterday for a free Open House and autographs with past and present players, MSNBC Morning Joe broadcasting from the field this morning, today’s game which will be packed with surprises (great TiVO material), and that is just the beginning.  Maybe people would shift their talk to these things rather than other old stuff like  Seamus the dog. I would like to have some dreams about old Fenway, and new world series rather than nightmares of riding on the roof of a car like a dead moose.

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Fenway the Dog


Great Start to Opening Day

Just in case you might not look through the entire paper this morning, stop by pages 26 & 27 of the Herald.  This issue is packed with other great photos and stories about Fenway Park- check it out.

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Fenway the Dog


Here is one more shot from ‘inside’ Fenway Park.  Good thing this sign did not stop me from entering the Red Sox Clubhouse for a look*. We service dogs are trained to not be unnerved by such things as sirens, crowds or traffic…we certainly would not be deterred by  a sign on a door (clearly not addressing us).   Anyway, inside, we discovered the players’ new hydrotherapy pool which might be a place to do some after-hours relaxing with friends.  I wonder if our fur will be a problem in the filter (perhaps we will have to enjoy it without the jets).

I love water, and find it very therapeutic.

Fenway the Dog

*this is my friend Vernell in the photo-it was actually his idea to disregard the Restricted Area sign.

Paint Me Happy

Hello everyone:

I thought you all might like these photos of finishing touches on Fenway Park.

…great win tonight…I really wasn’t worried at all, and can’t wait for our home opener this Friday!


Fenway the Dog


P.s. Hope you all also saw the newest billboard for the Girl Scout dog treats on Ipswitch and Boylston.  Being a little on the short side, I thought the trees need a bit of trimming on the left side.  I always seem to get stopped at that light, so I get an opportunity to enjoy it longer (better to see by sticking my head out of the sunroof because I am not driving).  Hope you all get stopped there too.  You will have to see it for yourselves- it is safer than pulling over on the Pike to see the other billboard location.

Green Lights, Grey Lights

Thank you Michael for bringing up the issue of dogs and color blindness in response to my “thinking Green on St. Patrick’s Day” post yesterday…it had been hours since I had visited WikiAnswers and so I returned.  Despite our more limited chromatic acuity, I would like to think that we dogs are able to identify and appreciate green as much as the next guy; apparently we are better able to see it at night with our  higher concentration of rod cells (you probably knew that and that’s why you were inquiring).  This is one of the main reasons that dogs are not cab drivers or interior decorators.  As I scrutinized my last bog entry for anything I should reconsider, I realized a deeper meaning in my list (thank you Michael for helping me with enlightenment).  I still love all of those things regardless of their color…in fact, I would like all of them with my eyes closed or to experience them in black & white and shades of grey.

Scanning through my photos I found some images that I thought you might like to contemplate with regard to color.  Baseballs- same (and can’t you almost smell the leather casings?); scary clowns from last year’s halloween Spooky Town at Fenway Park -I can hardly look at them in color or black & white. I have trouble with the real ones- how can they not step on my tail with those big distracting noses and giant feet?; sprinkles- might be better in color, but they still make me happy despite their lack of nutritional value; and finally, this picture from just inside the Yaz door at Fenway- a wheelbarrow full of the finest grass clippings you have ever seen (I can for sure smell them in my mind’s eye).

thanks for reading, and sorry again about the clowns,

Fenway the Dog


Scouting at Fenway

Dogs always love parks…but I am particularly attracted to The Park.  I took a trip in to Boston this week to check on the turf*, and met my friends from the Girl Scouts, Canine Companions and Clear Channel, to have some photos taken for a billboard.  Spoiler alert in case you would like to be surprised during one of your upcoming commutes this month. Here is a hint at least:  we have all cooked up a special surprise with the help of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, Canine Companions for Independence, Eukanuba (big giveaway) and the mighty Red Sox….it will be a real treat and will raise money, awareness & make tails wag.  Great way to celebrate the 100th birthdays of Fenway Park and the Girl Scouts. By the way,   I was reading Juliette Gordon Low’s biography (Founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA)- I think you should too- she was a remarkable person.  In case you don’t have time to read it now, I will point out that the Girl Scouts were ahead of the game a century ago as they welcomed girls with disabilities at a time when they were excluded from many activities.  Mrs. Low did not let deafness, or serious health problems stand in the way of her life or service to others.  When I grow up, I will be able to do important work like my friend Frontier in the photo….extra bonus that he gets to assist a Girl Scout who is in turn helping others!

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog

* photo to follow of Dave Mellor, master groundskeeper of Fenway Park.

It Never Gets Cold

One more picture from jetBlue Park from my friend Brita. People say that Fenway Park never gets old;  now we have Fenway South…it never gets cold (actually someone else said that; but, dogs get blamed for things they don’t do, so I am trying to balance the scale).  Back to the park- it is so new, but, doesn’t it look familiar?  The field dimensions are the same as Fenway Park and you can sit inside the Green Monster: in the shade, and even closer to the action.  The net behind home plate has no top …so more foul balls for fans to take home.  The red seat is even out in right field for everyone to visit.

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Fenway the Dog

Hats off to Joe

Hi everyone: Because it deserves some extra attention, I just wanted to share a few more photos and thank Joe Bermudez for lending his celebrity musical magic to “Make Noise to save a life”  this past Sunday for Samaritans.  Joe might be an international star…but he is also a guy with a heart bigger than Wally’s hat.  I know this night will live on and continue to have a positive impact- not just because:  it drew so many young & awesome people to the House of Blues on a freezing night , it was one of the Red Sox 100 Acts of Kindness for Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary, it attracted support of generous sponsors, it raised over $50,000 for Samaritans and  it will help train more volunteers to answer more phones…but because i think this is only the beginning of a lot of Noise to come.  Hats off to everyone who came out, and who continue to speak up.  We hope this will help to save many lives.

thanks for showing up, and thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog



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