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Floating Down Pennsylvania Avenue


Hello patient followers:

It has been a busy winter and I can’t wait to tell you about:  Christmas at Fenway, a new addition to Bentley University …and about being Santa at Greenfield Community College’s holiday party and wish you a happy new year.  I can do that really fast- Happy New Year.  The rest will have to wait until after….

this Sunday,January 21st

Because I will be in the Inaugural Parade with 56 CCI assistance dogs and dogs-in-training! Dream come true for Canine Companions- could be better than winning the World Series (if it happened more often).  I know that Governor and Mrs. Patrick have a fine lab- perhaps we can all have a sit down while we are all in town to discuss some issues small and large like: covering service dogs for military vets with PTSD, health care,  gun violence, and that silly trillion-dollar coin (they are all serious as a cliff- “the” cliff, but the coin has to be a joke from a Saturday Night Live skit that the news got confused with a real story).

Here is some information about the parade before I float too off track:

2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade on January 21st in Washington DC.

CCI is one of 43 organizations from across the nation selected for this honor from over 2,800 applicants.   134 CCI assistance dog teams, puppy raising families, volunteers and supporters will march in the parade, along with 57 assistance dogs and dog-in-training, which will be viewed by millions across the globe.

“The President has placed a big emphasis on the idea of service – including a National Day of Service as part of the inaugural tradition – and many of the groups chosen to march in the parade reflect the idea of serving one another and giving back to the community”, according to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Take a look at the News 9 coverage and story ( in case the link doesn’t work):–

More later…hope you will be watching the parade.

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Fenway the Dog

Winter Pause For More Fall


Maybe winter could hold back for a week or so.  Fall is so great…and Sandy blew the good part away (I found one last leaf).

I am so happy that my fellow CCI* pups and family members are safe after having lived through 8 days without power in our training facility on Long Island.  Hope you all will look on the Canine Companions for Independence website…you will be able to see graduation photos.  Also, there is a link to a Eukanuba live puppy cam.  Nothing is cuter than puppies…babies are a distant second, and then, I guess…well…those are the only cute living things that i like.  Kittens maybe.

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Fenway the Dog

*Canine Companions for Independence

Treats on Board

Hello to all of the commuters on the Massachusetts Pike! Not only is Frontier (holding the bag) a proud CCI* graduate, but he has hit the road in a photographic way, to promote these special dog treats.  Thanks Clear Channel for helping drivers to focus on something other than the bugs on their windshields as they dream of spring (real spring; not stop-and-start fake spring where one day we are firing up the the slip n slide and the next day the fireplace). In the meantime, think about opening day and also about the dogs in your life.

The Red Sox and Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts wanted to do something to celebrate the 100th birthdays of Fenway Park and the Girl Scouts.  When they come up with something, this would become my second assignment as the Official Service Dog of the Red Sox (blog was first, and they keep getting bigger).  What about: a ‘limited edition Girl Scout Cookie product expansion to include dogs’? That was it- those scouts are geniuses!(LEGSCPETID was too long, so we decided to call them ‘Dog Treats’ and put the information in the bag). It all sounded like a great idea (like seats on top of the Green Monster), but we had to figure out how to do it.  First, we needed the cookies aka the treats….something like the dog equivalent of  Thin Mint.   With the bar set high, CCI went to their friends at Eukanuba (best dog food and treat makers) who said, yes, they wanted to help.  By the way, that sounds easy, but they (at Eukanuba) are a really big company who are owned by even bigger company, Procter & Gamble. Obviously, it turned out well because the big company also has a matching big heart. Second, we needed a keepsake, re-useable eco made in USA to put them in- found it- think you will like it. Lastly, we needed sellers and places to sell- had those: Girl Scouts, Canine Companions, and Fenway Park. You might be able to say ‘no’ to a dog, or to a Girl Scout/Brownie/Daisy….but something is just wrong with you if one of them can’t win you over.  Keep an eye on the website for the rest of the details- I am afraid I will lose you (maybe already did) if I give any more details. Go to:… if you forget the website, just jump on the Pike and there it is- written on the billboard. BTW-please get them early in April (a month which starts tomorrow) because we might run out and you might have to wait another 100 years or as long as the Red Sox or Cubs (still waiting) wait for World Series victories.

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*don’t get lost- I am going to write “CCI” instead of “Canine Companions for Independence”


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