Fenway is a Canine Companions for Independence puppy. He’s training to be a service dog to help a person with a disability. He’s living in Massachusetts with a volunteer puppy raiser. As the official service dog in training of the Boston Red Sox, he’ll be visiting his namesake Fenway Park over the next year and a half. Subscribe to our blog to keep updated with his latest adventures!


Good luck Fenway from CCI puppy raisers in Tennessee! Our son lives in Boston and my husband is from there. We have 10 month Ollie IV whose turn in date is 11/01/2012 to the SER in Orlando, FL. We have loved raising him!!!

Hi Carol…i think from the information you provided that Ollie was born to be a Red Sox fan. maybe Ollie will be around for the dog flash mob. i just started this blog thing…but i am pretty sure you are able to post a photo- if so, please do. What do you think Ollie’s special skills are? thanks for writing :) FtD

As a Massachusetts transplant now in San Diego, CA, and a CCI puppyraiser, I’m going to be following Fenway’s adventures at Fenway…

thank you Vicki…San Diego is a great place. Hope you are learning to surf, and learning to live with 75-degree weather every day over there at the Canine Companions facility in Oceanside. It is snowing here. Snow is fun to play in just like your sand. Actually, we have sand too- it is just mostly on the roads now. Hope you get to go to Petco Park where the Padres play- guess we won’t play you all this year because we are in different leagues and we won’t have an inter-league game together. Maybe you all will get some great players (not too good) and we can match up in the World Series. i hope you know that the first pitch ever at Petco Park was delivered by a Canine Companions dog to be thrown (dog spitball). Just some San Diego trivia for you.

Fenway Park! And Fenway the CCI puppy! Love it!! We are long distance Red Sox fans living in Manhattan Beach, Ca and raising a new Red Sox fan, Glory IV who is 7 months old!

We hope to visit Fenway this summer with Glory. Maybe she and Fenway the puppy can get together to cheer the Red Sox to victory!

Surf’s up Glory. Actually my BFFs Nagal and Vernell were trained in Oceanside. Manhattan Beach is great- do they have a dog beach? Are you really coming to Boston- it would be great to meet you

I’m loving this. One, CCI is where my daughter and I got her service dog, Laith. Two, I grew up in Mass and three, I love the Red Sox. So proud of you, Fenway!

thanks Laura and daughter. How is Laith- i assume you have indoctrinated him to be a Red Sox fan- a smart choice. Hope you will come to a game this season :)

Sadly, dogs are not allowed on Manhattan Beach. There is an ‘unofficial’ dog beach off the Palos Verdes penninsula which is about 5-6 miles south of us.
And yes, we hope to visit Boston in August!

ok date for visit to boston?

I’m proud of you, Fenway! I’m the puppy raiser for Rustle, an Assistance Dog of the West dog here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We want you to know that we’ve been following your progress and we are also quite excited about the 100th and the upcoming three game series with the dreaded Yankees. Lots of fond memories with my pals at your namesake and sending you all best wishes from the mountains of New Mexico (it snowed here last weekend)!

Hey Fenway, where do you get to view the games from? Can you bring friends with you? Mom has promised to take me to AAA game here in Pensacola. My friend Yankee (can you believe they names a dog Yankee? I feel for him but he is a good pup) has been and said it was pretty cool. Is it fun growing up in a city?

Good to meetchya Fenway the dog ~ my name is Fenway PAWZ, I am a 19 month old Alaskan Malamute living in northern MI with my littermate Tucker (named after the PawTUCKet Red Sox and the USLS NANTUCKET II which my huDad served on in the US Coast Guard). My AKC registered name is AJ’s Yawkey Way Girl and Tucker’s is AJ’s Light of the Atlantic. My Pops was born and raised in Everett, a town just north of Boston and our family is hard core everything Boston Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics & New England Patriots. Our HuMom is a disabled Veteran and although we are not trained like you are, we bring a world of love and support to her heart & soul. You have new fans in us ~ The PAWZ Pack. We can connect on Facebook under Lynn PAWZ. C-Ya around furiend! Aroooooos!

now that i am back at the computer- i will take a look. Wow what an awesome family you have. i just don’t have a Facebook YET…because i am obviously not so stellar at the blogging…i think that adding Facebook or twitter might put me in the funny farm or the kennel. I will for sure be adding it. Stay tuned soon, because we might have a contributor pup in DC named General of course. he lives with a great couple who is training him. they too have a great story!
thanks for following and for being patient.

Howdy Fenway! I totally understand about FB ~ it makes me crazy too! Thanks for replying ~ I did not see it until today ;o( I hope your trng is going GREAT!!! Fenway PAWZ and the PAWZ Pack are proud of you! We live in northern Michigan now, my huDad is from Boston and is a die hard everything Boston fan! We especially love you and CCI for all that you do. We would love to know how to buy one of your hats so we can wear it proudly and pass the word about CCI. My email is ~ sixteenpawz@gmail.com

Hey Fenway where can I get the cool blue Boston Red Sox hat in CCII colors?

it certainly did take me a long time to reply. do you live in the Boston area…maybe we can get you one

No I live in Florida, but my husband is from the Boston area and a big Sox fan.

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