Red, Red Everywhere

WS 2013 FenwayWS Bush StadiumI wanted to add these two photos of the ballparks all dressed up.  Actually the Cards call their’s a stadium because the old one was called Bush Stadium… i want to call it a ballpark.  It is a beautiful place- you should all visit it.  It is so nice to be back here, oh wait, i wasn’t even born in 2004.  It is still nice to be here- midwesterners and Cardinal fans are so friendly.  Maybe they could be friendly with some errors or throwing the ball over the plate for Big Pappi tonight.  Also, i like those give away towels- but maybe people could just twirl them later, or in the privacy of their own homes- they distract from my fan experience.

I hope things go well tonight for the Red Sox…I can’t take a game like last night. We dogs need our sleep.

keep the faith,

Fenway the dog


So pleased you are writing again, Fenway. That was a tough way to lose a game last night, but I shall continue to keep the faith. Last night’s unusual ending reminded me of Game 6 of the 1975 World Series when Cincinnatti Reds’ batter, Eddie Armbrister was awarded first base when Fisk was ruled to have interfered with his swing. This series is shaping up to be a classic, and I am happy you are alive to see and enjoy this one.

Go Sox,


Fenway: love heading from you! You’re the best!!

Carol & Kelda ( Canine Companions friends and Board members)

Fenway Park looks amazing!! WooHoo!! The greatest ballpark on earth!

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