Make Way for Beards

WS ducklingFenway with beardIMG_9606

Hello everyone:

I am not even going to make excuses about my extended absence, i know you all have lives and also low expectations about my writing regularity.

With that said, i will let you know that I GRADUATED (!!!!!!) and am now teamed with an awesome young man and his family.  Sorry Salty…i can’t come live with you, and you need to focus on baseball and helping umpires to update some rules.  If i had been at last night’s game i would have run on the field and showed them some real interference!  My new family is wonderful and they love the Red Sox.  They have respect and support for my continuing to write.  No, they are not in the Witness Protection Program…I just need to keep my two working lives separate so you all won’t come over and trick or treat just to meet my new family.  Candy is expensive.

Because i am an obvious fan of the furriness …i also fully endorse the beard.  (what do you think of mine?) I think they belong on the players, fans, ducklings, cupcakes, and anywhere the magic can be enhanced.  Mine gets in the way a little when i am eating and drinking- but i am taking one for the Team.

keep the faith,

Fenway the Dog



Have missed you, Fenway!! SO happy you have a great new home!!!!

miss you in my office Fenway but you are where you are needed. Go Red Sox!

Congratulations of your new home! Woo are livin’ da dream! We know woo will take good care of your human ~ we wish we were at the ballpark wif woo with Fenway the Malamute leading all howls! Aroooooos! Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Congrats, Fenway! Here’s a pic of our girl, Wena (also from CCI) sporting her beard. Go SOX!

The dog beard is just straight up awesome!
-David S.

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