This is awesome ~ bummed out I missed the sale but it feels great to know that this company gave 100% of the proceeds to the Bostononefund. Very cool. We are Strong. We are Boston. We are BOSTON STRONG!!

These hats should be available at the Twins shop on Yawkey Way. I know the city is locked down now…things are safe and sound here at the Canine Companions training facility on Long Island!

I am glad they will be made available again, unfortunately I am now living in northern MI ~ and without sending my 85 year old mother & father in law into Boston, I will not be able to get one.

we will see if we can find some which can be shipped. cross your paws.

Really ?!?!? You absolutely made my night / day. No pressure at all if it is too much bother. I will forward you the money to purchase & ship. WOW. I along with my entire Boston family & beyond send you our thanks. My first tour in the service had me in Boston. I loved it there so much, I nearly got out of the service so I could stay there. But duty called and transfer after transfer took me further away from Boston. Luckily, I met, became best friends with & married the man of my dreams, who was born & raised in Boston. As you know the traditions run deep ~ Boston sports teams take priority all over everything else. As a young lady growing up in MI, our sports teams and their management were anything but fan friendly. We looked elsewhere for our favorite family team and the New England Teams won hands down. So, it was wonderful when I got stationed there and ultimately met & fell in love with a hard core sports fan family. Which brings us to the names of our 2 youngest Alaskan Malamute puppies, both nearing 2.5 yrs old now. Call name “Fenway”, registered name AJ’s Yawkey Way Girl & “Tucker”, registered name AJ’s Light of the Atlantic ~ named after the first ship my husband was assigned, the USLS NANTUCKET II. Tucker is also short for the Paw-TUCK-et Red Sox ;o) So…. we are Boston. We are Strong. We are Boston Strong. Our love & support to you & your family Fenway the Dog.
Love, Fenway PAWZ
P.S. you can look us up on FB if you like at the email address used here…

You always know the exact right thing to say, Fenway. May all the residents of Boston, its surrounding communities, Massachusetts, New England, yea, the United States and the world know peace today and tonight

Hi Kevin~ not sure if you got a reply yet, but the company 47 Brand made these hats and were sold out in 8 hours. They sold for $20 each with every cent going to the One Boston Fund. Hope this helps. I am a disabled Veteran living in MI and my family and I (my husband and in-laws from Boston) were looking to purchase hats too, unfortunately I found out about the sale a bit too late.

Good to hear from you Fenway! Give you family and friends extra kisses and loving!!!! We ARE STRONG!!!!!!
Say hi to Tom F for me! :)

Cute, daddy

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Love the cap!!!!

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