Winter Pause For More Fall


Maybe winter could hold back for a week or so.  Fall is so great…and Sandy blew the good part away (I found one last leaf).

I am so happy that my fellow CCI* pups and family members are safe after having lived through 8 days without power in our training facility on Long Island.  Hope you all will look on the Canine Companions for Independence website…you will be able to see graduation photos.  Also, there is a link to a Eukanuba live puppy cam.  Nothing is cuter than puppies…babies are a distant second, and then, I guess…well…those are the only cute living things that i like.  Kittens maybe.

thanks for following me,

Fenway the Dog

*Canine Companions for Independence


Oh. Frozen paw print. Grr. Poor doggies with no heat. Did they have doggie coats?

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no doggie coats…we were born with great ones. we like to be shoeless so we can be in touch with the earth.

We are so proud of all the graduates and Thank Goodness everyone is safe. Blessings to you Fenway the Dog from Fenway PAWZ the Alaskan Malamute

i bet you are ready to put your Alaskan coat to good use. have you ever pulled a sled?

Oh youbethcya! We enjoy pulling our people for cani-cross, bike joring and soon … ski joring! We can hardly wait as our coats are in and ready to use! We are so happy to be your furiend ^o^
Love Fenway the Alaskan Malamute

Dear Fenway,

Having spent the lion’ share of the day raking leaves, I must say I am quite ready to put this season, perhaps the loveliest of seasons, to bed. I am pleased to see you are putting paws to keyboards and word processing again.

thanks. could i have your leaves?

Come on down, Fenway, to the Ocean State! It is lovely this time of year, and I have too many leaves for one person to handle. Come and frolic in the leaves, then spend the afternoon in a classroom impressing our students. We would love to meet you! Our Paul Cuffee School students would love to hear your adventures and learn how you help people. What’s your favorite grade to with which share your stories?

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