Really?  what have I been doing since June 30th my last post?  That is like 1,488 hours, even if i subtract 992 for napping- it is a bunch of time.  I was thinking of just using the sabbatical excuse, but i haven’t graduated yet. Lots has happened, I am back, I turned one, and I have some exciting things to share with you.  I promise i will start to dust off my photos and draft blog entries.  One is about Joy from the previous post- she has a great story.
Were you wondering about this photo above?  Actually it is a dog from the Burroughs Market in London.  A little random, but I thought it would make you curious and consider getting reengaged as a reader.
Thanks for your patience,
Fenway the Dog


Always a pleasure to read. Keep them coming. Happy one year old. Looking forward to the next one.

thanks for following. by the way, if i wanted to make a pie, do you have a good pie crust recipe?
love, Fenway

Nice to have you back, Fenway; we need your good humor and good cheer in the midst of the worst season for our beloved Sox in two decades. We are 7-20 over our last 27 and need your sweetness to focus our energy elsewhere. Please write more

Ok I will do it! I got a wonderful laptop (even though i don’t have a lap…and don’t really eat fruit, i love Apple…should I get an app? Do you think that sounded like Ogden Nash or Dr. Seuss?

Well, about the bad season, this is my first, so it seemed great just the same for me. With Fenway Park turning 100 and me turning 1, i can only take so much excitement. I was thinking that it might be a good time to re-read Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book which has an especially relevant title: Wait Till Next Year. She certainly does understand about how baseball and especially the Red Sox, are so much more than about winning. Thanks for keeping the faith!

Welcome back Fenway!

thanks!missed being here

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