Ode to Joy

This is Joy,  who started out as a Canine Companion puppy like me about 15 years ago.  Part lab, part golden and really smart .  Although she didn’t make it to advanced training, she went on to bring love and companionship to a wonderful man named Brian.   I recently read a story (tail tale) of Joy’s life with Brian,  and hope that he will write to share it with all of you.  I would retell it here, but he is a brilliant writer and I might dog it down too much.   Brian is tall, bold, boisterous, gentle and powerful….and has a heart so big that it barely fits in California. And Joy, well, take a look above…this photo is a thousand-word essay on both of them.

I hope you all are having a great summer, I have missed writing and have so much to share and catch up on.

Thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog



fenway our last was your name sake fenway was a chocolate lab rescue that could give high fives and would be glad that your carrying the name on in style our new dog fairway looks just like you

is fairway a black lab too and does he play golf?

What a touching tale, Fenway. I have faith you would tell the story beautifully.

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