The Old and the New Come Together at Fenway’s 100th Anniversary Game

Here are a few more shots from Friday’s game.  The fly over, pre-game ceremonies with Red Sox greats taking the field, Girl Scouts stopping by to show the Fenway the Dog 100th Anniversary Dog Treats to Mayor Menino*, and last one….I am not sure, and I don’t believe in ghosts- but it looks like this is “Nuf Ced”  McGreevy at the game.  Today’s Red Sox fans just don’t bring megaphones,wear bowler hats…and certainly are able to detach themselves from their unlit cigars for the game – I think they are a choking hazard too.

My favorite was seeing all of the old players return to Fenway Park.  If I were able to have tears, I would have cried- it was touching. Actually, tonight’s game is rained out…maybe Someone Up There is having a really big cry for our team.  People tell me that they always feel better after a good cry, not sure how that feels, but sounds like a good idea.  Maybe after the Big Cry things will be better, hope there is not thunder, and I am bummed there won’t be a rainbow because it will be dark. As you know, dogs have less colors in their rainbows: they are still cool.

One more great thing that happened at that game- Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez  lead the crowd as toastmasters to set the Guinesss Book of World Records record for the largest toast (I might have a photo of that coming for you- it was hard to hold the cup and take a photo and I was afraid they might count me as a non-participant).

There are a great deal of magical memories at Fenway Park- people witness and experience them there.  Some are painful, but most are rich and happy.  Fans bring these memories home with them,  re-live them in their minds, and keep coming back for more.  Call me sentimental, but I like that memories are gifts which can be shared and can’t be taken away from you. I hope you all remember how it feels to have a winning season rise from the tears of loss.

thanks for reading and believing,

Fenway the Dog

* The Girl Scouts even sold some to Mrs. Menino and Dan Shaughnessy some Dog Treats.


those girl scouts are so sweet – and I can tell you they are great at raising funds for CCI and the Girl Scouts with their dog treats sales. I’ve never seen such genuine enthusiasm.

those girl scouts are so sweet! I am so empressed by their genuine enthusiasm.

the Girl Scouts and Canine Companions (CCI) volunteers and service teams worked so hard selling treats, sharing and listening to stories about the Girl Scouts, service dogs, beloved family pets. It was even so much more than the treat sales…it was like a family get together. I think they should have a special area like Fenway’s den where people could stop by and visit…sofa, coffee table…little area rug?

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