Looking Forward, Looking Back

This is going to be a great season and celebration of Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary.  I want to start with this shot from the Green Monster on Opening Day (a great win, and proof that sometimes good things happen on Friday the 13th).  There are interesting and exciting things happening and lots to talk about- Girl Scout Dog Treats at Fenway,  55,000 visitors who came to Fenway Park yesterday for a free Open House and autographs with past and present players, MSNBC Morning Joe broadcasting from the field this morning, today’s game which will be packed with surprises (great TiVO material), and that is just the beginning.  Maybe people would shift their talk to these things rather than other old stuff like  Seamus the dog. I would like to have some dreams about old Fenway, and new world series rather than nightmares of riding on the roof of a car like a dead moose.

Thanks for reading and thanks for writing back,

Fenway the Dog



I was there yesterday, Fenway, and I stood in line, hopeful to see the hot tub in the clubhouse, but then Dustin needed to workout, so the clubhouse was placed off limits again. I did have the chance to walk along the field, which was really fun, especially peaking inside the Wall and sitting in the visitor dugout. Thanks to the Sox brass for creating such a celebratory feel and for welcoming so many people into the Park. One of the many accomplishments of this ownership group is that they have worked exceptionally hard to make the fans feels special, feel a part of something big and important. I very much appreciate their efforts and love being a part of this Red Sox fan base; I feel known and appreciated. Thanks Fenway and Sox.

Hi Fendon,
I am now 4.5 years old and busier than a college student! Sure, I get hot dogs but haven’t had a Rem Dawg yet. Trust me….it’s on my bucket list.
If you know how I can get into Fenway Park I’d appreciate it. I would be on my best behavior and promise not to mark the field as my own.

I sincerely would reslish the chance to work out with Youk. He needs an exercise partner who will help get him in shape and down to fighting weight. Since I am a border collie, I could herd him around the field and chase him all day long.

All the best and Go Sox!
Fenway the Border Collie

HI Michael,
The Sox and team management always make my owners feel special. Me? Not as much as they could. I am still not allowed beyond the admission gates. Despite my name, they treat me like a DOG!!!
Fenway the Border Collie

Hello Fenway the Border Collie: I bet you are really a great citizen…and you have reminded me that we need to have the dog day at Fenway. In the meantime, being an armchair fan is also great fun…and the commute is shorter. My friends Nagal and Vernell prefer that too For now, I know that just like in many places of business (especially where they serve food) they do not let any dogs in if they are not service dogs. I will get the scoop on that soon. Maybe some businesses in town could write in and let us know if they allow pets…we can let our fellow canine friends know so they can give them lots of business to reward them.

That sounds tough, friend, but it sounds as if Fenway will do his best to make your next experience better. Fenway Park is a small, antiquated park, and it’s challenging to do all things well for all visitors, bipeds and quadrupeds, but at least the effort is being made.

hello Michael: glad you were able to come see the park. I especially like that people could see inside of the green monster- one of my favorite spots.

The Fenway Park far exceeded our expectations when we finally went on the tour. It was the best $10 we ever spent! Now…if we could only bring Fenway the Border Collie. He’s jonesing for a hot dog!

i think it would be good to have a fenway tour day where people could bring their dogs. then Fenway the Border Collie could come see his namesake park

Fenway the border collie really ought to get to see the Green Monster. After all, his official AKC name is Green Monster!

it seems like Fenway Park is in his DNA.

Fenway the border collie would love to catch frisbees in that outfield!

An AKC Champion border collie named Fenway lives with me in Bethesda, MD and Martha’s Vineyard.

His official name is Ch. Tartan Bay Green Monster and he is as talented as Dustin Pedroia, Carleton Fisk and Pedro Martinez. My Fenway has titles in AKC Obedience, Rally, Agility and is a show ring Champion of record. When people see him compete they say “Uh oh, here comes The Monster.” it’s just like Big Papi walking to the plate.

Fenway went to Fenway Park and strolled on Yawkey Way, got a new collar in the official MLB store and sat longingly outside Rem Dawg’s. He hasn’t made it inside the park yet!

All the best to you!

Wow- i think we need to have a Fenway dog convention. I am also working on a dog day at the park. Hope you got some photos on your visit. i am not sure if you can write and attach photos…if so, please send some!

Howdy Bro! Feldon here! You have sure been busy in your first 10 months. It’s good to see what you’re doing. I don’t suppose anyone slips you a hot dog now and then do they???? Take care pal……Feldon II

Oh hello Feldon. Actually, so far i have not had a hot dog. I am sticking to my Eukanuba food to stay on top of my game…I might like them too much and ruin my fine palette. Thanks for staying in touch!

When will Fenway be nominated for the Pulitzer? Best blogs I have read. Keep them them coming.

Thanks.it is lots of fun- and i have many more stories to share and great photos :)

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