Ready for Fenway Baseball

Hello everyone:

Fenway Park, it looks better than ever.  The grass is green, the paint is touched up, and there are great displays and artifacts of Red Sox history all over the place.  My friends, the advance men* went over to Fenway Park today to set up the table for the Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary dog treat sale.  Please come and say hi to me in person if you are at the game tomorrow.  I will be inside Gate A with some of my Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts & Canine Companions friends for the first 3 innings.  We will be at the official Girl Scout Dog Treat table …and this will be my first and last sales job. Hope to see you. In case you can’t come to a game, the treats will also be available in the Twins Team Store on Yawkey Way starting tomorrow and until we run out. I understand from my friend Dave, that many people go over to the store when a game gets a little tense to distract themselves with retail purchases.  Sounds like a great idea.

For sure i won’t sleep much tonight- I can’t stand the suspense- my FIRST Red Sox game, 100th Anniversary celebration, Friday the 13th (don’t know how I feel about that number but I don’t feel like being superstitious – it is so un-doglike- we just walk on by that stuff).

thanks for following, thanks for not thinking that a few early losses define the season,

Fenway the Dog

*pictured here…Nagal sporting winning smile, Vernell looking regal.  I know you really can’t tell from the photo where the table is, but it is just a hint.


have the best time!

thanks will you be at the game?

hah. no. i have to work. and i live in north carolina…

oh then i have to ask you the all important question Duke or UNC fan?

That photo is TOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

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