Treats on Board

Hello to all of the commuters on the Massachusetts Pike! Not only is Frontier (holding the bag) a proud CCI* graduate, but he has hit the road in a photographic way, to promote these special dog treats.  Thanks Clear Channel for helping drivers to focus on something other than the bugs on their windshields as they dream of spring (real spring; not stop-and-start fake spring where one day we are firing up the the slip n slide and the next day the fireplace). In the meantime, think about opening day and also about the dogs in your life.

The Red Sox and Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts wanted to do something to celebrate the 100th birthdays of Fenway Park and the Girl Scouts.  When they come up with something, this would become my second assignment as the Official Service Dog of the Red Sox (blog was first, and they keep getting bigger).  What about: a ‘limited edition Girl Scout Cookie product expansion to include dogs’? That was it- those scouts are geniuses!(LEGSCPETID was too long, so we decided to call them ‘Dog Treats’ and put the information in the bag). It all sounded like a great idea (like seats on top of the Green Monster), but we had to figure out how to do it.  First, we needed the cookies aka the treats….something like the dog equivalent of  Thin Mint.   With the bar set high, CCI went to their friends at Eukanuba (best dog food and treat makers) who said, yes, they wanted to help.  By the way, that sounds easy, but they (at Eukanuba) are a really big company who are owned by even bigger company, Procter & Gamble. Obviously, it turned out well because the big company also has a matching big heart. Second, we needed a keepsake, re-useable eco made in USA to put them in- found it- think you will like it. Lastly, we needed sellers and places to sell- had those: Girl Scouts, Canine Companions, and Fenway Park. You might be able to say ‘no’ to a dog, or to a Girl Scout/Brownie/Daisy….but something is just wrong with you if one of them can’t win you over.  Keep an eye on the website for the rest of the details- I am afraid I will lose you (maybe already did) if I give any more details. Go to:… if you forget the website, just jump on the Pike and there it is- written on the billboard. BTW-please get them early in April (a month which starts tomorrow) because we might run out and you might have to wait another 100 years or as long as the Red Sox or Cubs (still waiting) wait for World Series victories.

thanks for following,


*don’t get lost- I am going to write “CCI” instead of “Canine Companions for Independence”


This does sound like a great “treat,” Fenway, and I hope that it will be very successful! My daughter is a Girl Scout–she just returned from an overnight camping trip this afternoon–and I think that she will be excited to hear about this collaboration between two of her passions: Scouting and Red Sox! I must admit I didn’t appreciate your dig about the Sox next winning a World Series: we are nothing, absolutely nothing, like the Cubs on Chicago’s Northside!

Sorry to have offended about the Cubs line. You have much more refined and deeply rooted baseball sensibilities. I realize my casual comments might be like letting a bunch of my fellow pups loose to romp about in a china shop – a little dangerous and likely that things might get toppled. About the waiting…I was hoping to get people out to grab their special edition treats early or they might be waiting for the next release at our bi-centenial celebration. Relative to our next World Series…I expect that to happen very soon, and future ones to be closely spaced. Glad to hear that your daughter is enjoying scouting. Love, Fenway

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We are trying to find these treats, we have some Red Sox loving pals on the West Coast and wanted to sens then some to snack on while they watch the Red Sox home opener! I went to the Cedar Hill Girl Scouts store today in Waltham and they had no idea what I was talking about….where oh where can we buy these treats?

We are trying to find these treats, we have some Red Sox loving pals on the West Coast and wanted to sens then some to snack on while they watch the Red Sox home opener! I went to the Cedar Hill Girl Scouts store today in Waltham and they had no idea what I was talking about….where, oh where can we buy these treats?

The treats go on sale on opening day, April 13th. They will be available at the home games, Red Sox team store and at the girl scout stores beginning Friday!

Hello Pupdawg,
the treats will be available on April 13th:
Twins Team Store (Yawkey Way), Fenway Park during home games in Concourse A through 3rd innings, The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Retail Stores, Canine Companions for Independence online store. grab them early….they are a limited edition sale!
you will love them :)

oh hi there pupdowg, hope you get over to fenway and get some treats. or if you don’t have a ride to fenway park we can hook you up on line from the Canine Companions store.

We are watching the CCI website waiting for the treats to be added so we can place our order! Happy Opening Day Fenway!

did you get on the website successfully to order? customer service is very important to me! let me know

Hi Fenway, We called CCI and a very nice lady took our order and sent us our treats – she even shipped an order out to our pals in Oakland, CA! We love the keepsake bag and already ate all our treats!

As a puppy raiser for C.C.I. I look forward to following his adventures and also buying some of the treats…..I have meet him personally and he is a HANDSOME boy for sure !!!
He will make a GREAT spokes Dog for getting the word out about Canine Companions For Independence !!!

thanks for being a puppy raiser Scott. Don’t forget to give us some puppy stories

Wow! What a great idea. A specialized cookie, suitable for dogs and a keepsake is included! This collaboration seems like it will be a great partnership for this event. You mentioned the keepsake as being re-usable, eco-friendly and USA made. What is it made out of? Will it be a healthy alternative to plastic disposable bags?

thanks for reminding me about the bag. How could we not have something as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie..and re-useable bags made in the USA! I like to use my lovely cotton bag for my sleepover items. In fact, will be packing in it for my trip to Boston tomorrow.

Can’t wait to pick up some treats. Any special days at Fenway for scouts or patch kids can earn to celebrate 100 years?

i will check on the patch earning- great idea! hope my girl scout friends write in to respond to this (good test to see if they are paying attention. maybe they could earn an executive attention-paying badge…good mentor material!

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