Green Lights, Grey Lights

Thank you Michael for bringing up the issue of dogs and color blindness in response to my “thinking Green on St. Patrick’s Day” post yesterday…it had been hours since I had visited WikiAnswers and so I returned.  Despite our more limited chromatic acuity, I would like to think that we dogs are able to identify and appreciate green as much as the next guy; apparently we are better able to see it at night with our  higher concentration of rod cells (you probably knew that and that’s why you were inquiring).  This is one of the main reasons that dogs are not cab drivers or interior decorators.  As I scrutinized my last bog entry for anything I should reconsider, I realized a deeper meaning in my list (thank you Michael for helping me with enlightenment).  I still love all of those things regardless of their color…in fact, I would like all of them with my eyes closed or to experience them in black & white and shades of grey.

Scanning through my photos I found some images that I thought you might like to contemplate with regard to color.  Baseballs- same (and can’t you almost smell the leather casings?); scary clowns from last year’s halloween Spooky Town at Fenway Park -I can hardly look at them in color or black & white. I have trouble with the real ones- how can they not step on my tail with those big distracting noses and giant feet?; sprinkles- might be better in color, but they still make me happy despite their lack of nutritional value; and finally, this picture from just inside the Yaz door at Fenway- a wheelbarrow full of the finest grass clippings you have ever seen (I can for sure smell them in my mind’s eye).

thanks for reading, and sorry again about the clowns,

Fenway the Dog



Your mind’s eye, Fenway (and what a nice allusion to Hamlet) has a great deal of acuity, as you say: that group of clippings puts me in the mood for the season. I appreciate your thoughtful and detailed description of your sight and believe that you are able to see as well as Argus. Keep writing, Fenway, you have a lovely knack for sharing your world view!

Thanks for following. I love plays and playing both. As a pup, plays are a good place to sleep after playing. I think it is like being read to; it can be very soothing and makes me close my eyes to focus while I listen. This is another reason I prefer being the passenger while enjoying to audio books in the car.

Hi Fenway! Norm the Facility Dog here. I’m a big fan!

Speaking of liking things even with your eyes closed, you should come visit me at Perkins School for the Blind and meet some of “my” students… many are blind, some are visually impaired. They still love me! Many of them “see” using their hands rather than their eyes. Sometimes I think us dogs “see” using our noses. Anyway, Perkins is celebrating 100 years on the Watertown campus. So we have a little bit in common with Fenway Park! I think you would get along with “my” students, and we would love to meet you.
I’ll be at Perkins on May 7th an 9th and would love you to come by. I don’t have an email address (you need to teach me how to do that- I don’t know how you got a whole blog), but ask your people to talk to my people.

Keep on blogging, and thanks!

Hi Fenway! Big fan here. I’m Norm the Facility Dog.
Speaking of liking things with your eyes closed, you should come meet some of “my” students here at Perkins School for the Blind. They are blind and visually impaired, and many of them “see” using their hands. I know they would like to meet you, and I think you would love them.

We are about to have vacation (picture me on the beach with sunglasses and a frisbee) but would love to schedule a visit on May 7 or 9.

I don’t have an email address, but maybe you can have your people talk to my people?

Thanks, and keep blogging!

Oh, hey Norm. I actually heard about you being at Perkins from my friend John. Even though Canine Companions dogs are not seeing eye dogs, it is great to point out, that yes, there you Perkins being a therapy dog. Thank you for your service you are awesome. I want to come by and visit you sometime soon. Also, as you know, Perkins is also celebrating 100th anniversary…it really is remarkable that Helen Keller was there and Lewis Braille too- right? May 7 or 9 might be perfect….could i come to the greenhouse area too- heard that was really, Fenway
p.s weren’t you at Fenway last season for disability night?

Hi Fenway,
Love your photos of the 100th anniversary celebration. I am always a Red Sox fan, good days and bad. I’m keeping the faith, and today, things are looking up!
You are correct, I did visit the park last Summer for disability awareness night. Had a blast! I love fetch, but didn’t chase any of the baseballs.
Anyway, can’t wait to show you around Perkins. Until then, I’ll be reading your posts!

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