Thinking Green on St. Patrick’s day

Before today is over and it is not St. Patrick’s Day anymore, I wanted to share this closeup (my friend Vernell) and some of the great things about things green.  As I read about St. Patrick’s Day (big Wikipedia festival for me today).  I especially liked: that it was also a Feast Day, a Day of Obligation, and the day where the restrictions on eating & drinking adult beverages during Lent are lifted.  As a dog with no particular religious or political affiliation, what I got from that finding was that people might feel obliged to drink and eat today if they gave up things like for about 24 days so far.  I don’t drink, but I never actually feel obliged to change my eating habits…I like to do what comes naturally,  and save my discipline for my training and service.  Things I like about green: Red Sox green uniforms on St. Pats day at Spring Training,  the Green Monster  (wall), The Green Monster (the Wally), Boston Celtics & Lucky (mascot),Notre Dame leprechaun mascot (they used to have terrier dogs as mascots which I don’t hold against them changing because I think Leprechauns are a more exciting  match for them. I also don’t mind that I have to spell check leprechaun every time.  Another thing- why don’t they just have green and gold as their colors?) Back to the list of why I have fond thoughts of green: Kermit the Frog (rhymes with Fenway the Dog and he makes people happy, he is a star and was bipartisan on the Daily show, which shows a great deal of  kindness and self-confidence) ,money, parks, trees, grass,  field at Fenway when you see it in person the first time you enter, grasshoppers,  green buildings and all of the things about the ecological green movement making people aware of the responsibility to our earth we share, people with green eyes (they just seem nice, so I give them initial credit), green rooms in the entertainment industry (they seem to have goal to go out of their way to make you happy while you wait and are nervous- doctors and TSA lines should have those), green lights and clovers even if they don’t have 4 leaves.  I think that’s enough even though I will think of some other great things when I close…but you get the idea.  I will leave out the list of things green which don’t make me as happy.

Here is something when looking in my Irish searchings:

“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a road downhill all the way to your door.”

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog

p.s. what are your favorite green things?

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You impress, as always, Fenway, with your delightful observations. Reading this one, I was surprised that you are able to see green: I thought dogs were colorblind: am I wrong?

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