Spring (Training) Has Sprung


Spring is officially here….and there is a rare March moment where the temperature in Boston and Ft. Meyers are the same.  I can smell spring from here…the  wonderful combination of coconut sunscreen, and hot dogs cooking at Fenway Park South. I love hot dogs. The new jet Blue Park is spectacular…it’s bright and shiny new, sunny, shady, spacious and just makes me feel happy thinking about it. Here is a shot of Gonzales being greeted at the inaugural game by Bobby V.  Time to put down that old, cold crusty cup of work coffee …grab your shorts, jump on jetBlue, and get to the land of tropical drinks and spring training baseball.  It will add years to your life.

thanks for following,

Fenway the Dog

P.s.  I am sorry I was gone for so long…I was busy with my own spring training and working on the Girl Scout dog cookie project (stay tuned for that).  I have some pictures to share from the recent Canine Companions for Independence graduation too.



Hi Fenway!

It is good to read about all your experiences! I too, have a blog and if you are interested in reading it in your spare time, please let me know! By the way, I do special events for Tony La Russa ~ do you know who he is? The former manager of the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals! How about that?

Kelda (the CCI change of career and certified therapy dog “pearls are my signature”)

Hi Fenway!
I just got through reading all your posts; awesome! While I am not quite the mover and shaker you are, I do get around a bit. I do special events for Mr. La Russa ~ think former manager of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals! Yep! We are at the Stars to the Rescue and Celebrity Golf Tournament, greeting everyone and thanking them for being there. I too, have a blog, so let me know when you have time to read it.

Chow for now: Kelda (Canine Companions for Independence change of career and certified therapy dog.)

hello Kelda what is your blog name?
xxoo FtD

Hi Fenway!

Good to hear from you. You can visit my blog at:
Now you can read about all I do, even though I am not a CCI puppy in training; I am a CCI change of career dog! (I am sure when you read about me you may have some questions, so I look forward to hearing from you.)

Chow for Now!

thanks for writing back. when you signed “chow” it reminded me about food (guess it is always on my mind). When i was reading about St. Patrick’s day, it today is also considered “Feast Day”- i think that might be my favorite part.

WOW! Two paws up!
I am all for “Feasts!” Speaking of St. Paddy’s Day ~ I will be visiting the children at George Mark Children’s House on Monday, dressed in my St. Paddy’s outfit. (Don’t tell, but it is embarrassing; however, if it brings a smile on the faces of the children, that is all that matters, right?)

I gotta go now ~ gotta watch OUR San Francisco Giants at Spring Training. Heh Heh. By the way, do my Giants play your Red Sox this year? We ought to check the schedule?

Double Chow for now,
Kelda Mc Weldin (that’s my Irish name for today)

It sounds as if you are taking great advantage, Fenway, of the good weather in Ft. Meyers. Your description of the new park has me yearning for a flight to the Sunshine State. Maybe next year I can join you there….

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