It Never Gets Cold

One more picture from jetBlue Park from my friend Brita. People say that Fenway Park never gets old;  now we have Fenway South…it never gets cold (actually someone else said that; but, dogs get blamed for things they don’t do, so I am trying to balance the scale).  Back to the park- it is so new, but, doesn’t it look familiar?  The field dimensions are the same as Fenway Park and you can sit inside the Green Monster: in the shade, and even closer to the action.  The net behind home plate has no top …so more foul balls for fans to take home.  The red seat is even out in right field for everyone to visit.

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Fenway the Dog


What a beautiful park. How smart of the Sox to create a park with the same dimensions so that the team practices in a space that replicates half their games during the year. I wonder if any other team has this advantage

What a great shot!

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