March 2012

Treats on Board

Hello to all of the commuters on the Massachusetts Pike! Not only is Frontier (holding the bag) a proud CCI* graduate, but he has hit the road in a photographic way, to promote these special dog treats.  Thanks Clear Channel for helping drivers to focus on something other than the bugs on their windshields as they dream of spring (real spring; not stop-and-start fake spring where one day we are firing up the the slip n slide and the next day the fireplace). In the meantime, think about opening day and also about the dogs in your life.

The Red Sox and Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts wanted to do something to celebrate the 100th birthdays of Fenway Park and the Girl Scouts.  When they come up with something, this would become my second assignment as the Official Service Dog of the Red Sox (blog was first, and they keep getting bigger).  What about: a ‘limited edition Girl Scout Cookie product expansion to include dogs’? That was it- those scouts are geniuses!(LEGSCPETID was too long, so we decided to call them ‘Dog Treats’ and put the information in the bag). It all sounded like a great idea (like seats on top of the Green Monster), but we had to figure out how to do it.  First, we needed the cookies aka the treats….something like the dog equivalent of  Thin Mint.   With the bar set high, CCI went to their friends at Eukanuba (best dog food and treat makers) who said, yes, they wanted to help.  By the way, that sounds easy, but they (at Eukanuba) are a really big company who are owned by even bigger company, Procter & Gamble. Obviously, it turned out well because the big company also has a matching big heart. Second, we needed a keepsake, re-useable eco made in USA to put them in- found it- think you will like it. Lastly, we needed sellers and places to sell- had those: Girl Scouts, Canine Companions, and Fenway Park. You might be able to say ‘no’ to a dog, or to a Girl Scout/Brownie/Daisy….but something is just wrong with you if one of them can’t win you over.  Keep an eye on the website for the rest of the details- I am afraid I will lose you (maybe already did) if I give any more details. Go to:… if you forget the website, just jump on the Pike and there it is- written on the billboard. BTW-please get them early in April (a month which starts tomorrow) because we might run out and you might have to wait another 100 years or as long as the Red Sox or Cubs (still waiting) wait for World Series victories.

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*don’t get lost- I am going to write “CCI” instead of “Canine Companions for Independence”

Green Lights, Grey Lights

Thank you Michael for bringing up the issue of dogs and color blindness in response to my “thinking Green on St. Patrick’s Day” post yesterday…it had been hours since I had visited WikiAnswers and so I returned.  Despite our more limited chromatic acuity, I would like to think that we dogs are able to identify and appreciate green as much as the next guy; apparently we are better able to see it at night with our  higher concentration of rod cells (you probably knew that and that’s why you were inquiring).  This is one of the main reasons that dogs are not cab drivers or interior decorators.  As I scrutinized my last bog entry for anything I should reconsider, I realized a deeper meaning in my list (thank you Michael for helping me with enlightenment).  I still love all of those things regardless of their color…in fact, I would like all of them with my eyes closed or to experience them in black & white and shades of grey.

Scanning through my photos I found some images that I thought you might like to contemplate with regard to color.  Baseballs- same (and can’t you almost smell the leather casings?); scary clowns from last year’s halloween Spooky Town at Fenway Park -I can hardly look at them in color or black & white. I have trouble with the real ones- how can they not step on my tail with those big distracting noses and giant feet?; sprinkles- might be better in color, but they still make me happy despite their lack of nutritional value; and finally, this picture from just inside the Yaz door at Fenway- a wheelbarrow full of the finest grass clippings you have ever seen (I can for sure smell them in my mind’s eye).

thanks for reading, and sorry again about the clowns,

Fenway the Dog


Luck of the Josh

Double Header Green

Here are two from the split-squad games today…

Thinking Green on St. Patrick’s day

Before today is over and it is not St. Patrick’s Day anymore, I wanted to share this closeup (my friend Vernell) and some of the great things about things green.  As I read about St. Patrick’s Day (big Wikipedia festival for me today).  I especially liked: that it was also a Feast Day, a Day of Obligation, and the day where the restrictions on eating & drinking adult beverages during Lent are lifted.  As a dog with no particular religious or political affiliation, what I got from that finding was that people might feel obliged to drink and eat today if they gave up things like for about 24 days so far.  I don’t drink, but I never actually feel obliged to change my eating habits…I like to do what comes naturally,  and save my discipline for my training and service.  Things I like about green: Red Sox green uniforms on St. Pats day at Spring Training,  the Green Monster  (wall), The Green Monster (the Wally), Boston Celtics & Lucky (mascot),Notre Dame leprechaun mascot (they used to have terrier dogs as mascots which I don’t hold against them changing because I think Leprechauns are a more exciting  match for them. I also don’t mind that I have to spell check leprechaun every time.  Another thing- why don’t they just have green and gold as their colors?) Back to the list of why I have fond thoughts of green: Kermit the Frog (rhymes with Fenway the Dog and he makes people happy, he is a star and was bipartisan on the Daily show, which shows a great deal of  kindness and self-confidence) ,money, parks, trees, grass,  field at Fenway when you see it in person the first time you enter, grasshoppers,  green buildings and all of the things about the ecological green movement making people aware of the responsibility to our earth we share, people with green eyes (they just seem nice, so I give them initial credit), green rooms in the entertainment industry (they seem to have goal to go out of their way to make you happy while you wait and are nervous- doctors and TSA lines should have those), green lights and clovers even if they don’t have 4 leaves.  I think that’s enough even though I will think of some other great things when I close…but you get the idea.  I will leave out the list of things green which don’t make me as happy.

Here is something when looking in my Irish searchings:

“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a road downhill all the way to your door.”

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Fenway the Dog

p.s. what are your favorite green things?

Scouting at Fenway

Dogs always love parks…but I am particularly attracted to The Park.  I took a trip in to Boston this week to check on the turf*, and met my friends from the Girl Scouts, Canine Companions and Clear Channel, to have some photos taken for a billboard.  Spoiler alert in case you would like to be surprised during one of your upcoming commutes this month. Here is a hint at least:  we have all cooked up a special surprise with the help of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, Canine Companions for Independence, Eukanuba (big giveaway) and the mighty Red Sox….it will be a real treat and will raise money, awareness & make tails wag.  Great way to celebrate the 100th birthdays of Fenway Park and the Girl Scouts. By the way,   I was reading Juliette Gordon Low’s biography (Founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA)- I think you should too- she was a remarkable person.  In case you don’t have time to read it now, I will point out that the Girl Scouts were ahead of the game a century ago as they welcomed girls with disabilities at a time when they were excluded from many activities.  Mrs. Low did not let deafness, or serious health problems stand in the way of her life or service to others.  When I grow up, I will be able to do important work like my friend Frontier in the photo….extra bonus that he gets to assist a Girl Scout who is in turn helping others!

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Fenway the Dog

* photo to follow of Dave Mellor, master groundskeeper of Fenway Park.

It Never Gets Cold

One more picture from jetBlue Park from my friend Brita. People say that Fenway Park never gets old;  now we have Fenway South…it never gets cold (actually someone else said that; but, dogs get blamed for things they don’t do, so I am trying to balance the scale).  Back to the park- it is so new, but, doesn’t it look familiar?  The field dimensions are the same as Fenway Park and you can sit inside the Green Monster: in the shade, and even closer to the action.  The net behind home plate has no top …so more foul balls for fans to take home.  The red seat is even out in right field for everyone to visit.

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Fenway the Dog

Spotted at jetBlue Park

here’s the Budweiser Dalmation looking regal at the first game of Spring training (sorry I cropped out the Clydesdales…they were cute and regal too)

Spring (Training) Has Sprung


Spring is officially here….and there is a rare March moment where the temperature in Boston and Ft. Meyers are the same.  I can smell spring from here…the  wonderful combination of coconut sunscreen, and hot dogs cooking at Fenway Park South. I love hot dogs. The new jet Blue Park is spectacular…it’s bright and shiny new, sunny, shady, spacious and just makes me feel happy thinking about it. Here is a shot of Gonzales being greeted at the inaugural game by Bobby V.  Time to put down that old, cold crusty cup of work coffee …grab your shorts, jump on jetBlue, and get to the land of tropical drinks and spring training baseball.  It will add years to your life.

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Fenway the Dog

P.s.  I am sorry I was gone for so long…I was busy with my own spring training and working on the Girl Scout dog cookie project (stay tuned for that).  I have some pictures to share from the recent Canine Companions for Independence graduation too.



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