Hello Y

This week, I visited the YMCA  on Huntington Avenue in Boston.  It must have been a great economic time in that decade because there are so many landmark projects and organizations which had beginnings in 1912 (not counting the Titanic). Some things I learned and you all should know:  the YMCA on Huntington has its 100th birthday this year, it was the very first Y in the country and  Northeastern University was started right there at that Y.    Because I love both kids and education, my favorite fact is that the YMCAs of Greater Boston are  the largest provider of after school programs in New England.   Here is a picture of some of my new friends at the teen center.  Thank you guys for letting me post this picture- I think my cool factor just went up by 100 percent. I also visited other kids including little kindergarteners who let me interrupt their story and who treated me like a superstar.  There were kids of all ages who come to the Y every day to learn, do homework, make friends and do fun things in a safe place.  My family at the Red Sox want to team up with the Y to support their new  after school initiative  with Boston Public Schools…hope some of my friends I met will write in to support this partnership- the YMCA has a HUGE family.

thanks for being here,

Fenway the Dog


Thanks for visiting the Huntington Ave Y it was a grrrreat visit. Our kids loved learning more about your important work.

I heard you can see Fenway Park when you are on the roof changing the light bulbs on the sign.

Fenway, you ate so cool even without those new friends! So pleased you are visiting the Y! What a great adventure! I hope you will visit Rhode Island, for you will love our educational institutions are our children as well.

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