Packing up the Clubhouse

On this snowy day in February, the final boxes were packed and loaded on a giant green truck which is now on its way to Fenway South. This is going to be a great season- I feel it (don’t be superstitious because I said that…dogs bring luck).  Some argue that life begins in April, on Opening Day here in Boston.  But the fans who traveled from as far away as Eastern Pennsylvania to see the truck leave for Spring Training, would say that today is the day.  I wish I could have been there to stow away, but I myself am busy with my own service dog training (which takes over a year to complete).  Here is a picture of the truck you all might see on the road if you are on highways heading south.  It is loaded with everyone’s gear and equipment from their lockers and the clubhouse at Fenway where it will be unpacked to use for Spring Training at the brand new Jet Blue Park in Ft. Meyers. I have some friends down there, so I will be able to give you good updates from the inside dog.

Thanks for following,

Fenway the Dog



I wish I were traveling with you to the new park. Maybe next year I can visit the new park and see the changes. How exciting!

Fenway, if you are lucky enough to come to Florida for spring training, maybe you could stop by the CCI campus in Orlando. It’s a beautiful facility and the people there are wonderful. I’m sure they would love to meet you!

thanks for the invitation Susan. maybe we could get some Florida pups to get out to Jet Blue Park. I will get you in to the new clubhouse.

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