Who Knows?

Why  97? A couple of days ago, I had some special guests come to Fenway Park for a visit. There are some great pictures from the day which I will share with you this week…there were many uniforms and lots of green (themes of service & troops brought us all together). Perhaps the girls who got an inside look behind the scoreboard will write to solve the mystery of why Wally is holding a 97 (yes, of course I know).  Maybe if I can get 100 of them to follow me, that will motivate me to get the pictures out there faster.  Soon, the blog will be officially announced…and I will invite you all over to Fenway for an event.  I wonder if the Red Sox would let me invite dogs.  I will bring the cookies.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog

By the way, if anyone is interested in what my takeaways are from the Mrs. Brady incident here they are: I will make all my post-game comments in the car with the windows up.  Dogs and reporters have sharp hearing, with  peculiar filters.  I am glad that I am expected to fetch and not throw.  People expect celebrities to be so polite. It would be so hard to not bark or bite when you are being chased and yelled at after a bad day when all you want to do is go hide in your dog house.



Im so gald to hear your support for Gisele. Shes getting such bad press for just being purely human. Usually, Fenway being human works in our favor. But not always.

thanks for writing Betsey. I am happy to be a dog, as pure as humanly possible. We dogs accept each other for being ourselves, and most times even humans accept us for being ourselves. Wouldn’t it be cool if humans accepted each other for being themselves?

oops Betsy sorry i gave you an extra e…big paws

I am so pleased to read that you support Mrs. Brady: she should be able to speak her mind, and, more important, she should be able to grieve a loss without dunderheads abusing her. The lack of class with people is arresting and disappointing. We all need a course in civility.

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