February 2012


We will now be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day since we have our own Valentine on board- here is a picture of us (you can barely see me…but I am there, in the yellow). Bobby Valentine and his wife have dogs too who are certified as service dogs.  One hard working family which cares about service too- I like them.


Fenway the DOg

The Eagle Has Landed

Overtime excitement…congratulations BC on winning the Beanpot.  Very exciting game and well played by the two powerhouses we have in BC & BU smart and talented. …what a great sports town we live in!

ice, ice baby…ready for Bruins tomorrow,

Fenway the Dog

Beanpot supporters

Great game…hope you all are watching 2-2 tied up.  My pals sporting their new Beanpot hats.

the puck stops here,

Fenway the Dog

Hello Y

This week, I visited the YMCA  on Huntington Avenue in Boston.  It must have been a great economic time in that decade because there are so many landmark projects and organizations which had beginnings in 1912 (not counting the Titanic). Some things I learned and you all should know:  the YMCA on Huntington has its 100th birthday this year, it was the very first Y in the country and  Northeastern University was started right there at that Y.    Because I love both kids and education, my favorite fact is that the YMCAs of Greater Boston are  the largest provider of after school programs in New England.   Here is a picture of some of my new friends at the teen center.  Thank you guys for letting me post this picture- I think my cool factor just went up by 100 percent. I also visited other kids including little kindergarteners who let me interrupt their story and who treated me like a superstar.  There were kids of all ages who come to the Y every day to learn, do homework, make friends and do fun things in a safe place.  My family at the Red Sox want to team up with the Y to support their new  after school initiative  with Boston Public Schools…hope some of my friends I met will write in to support this partnership- the YMCA has a HUGE family.

thanks for being here,

Fenway the Dog

Hitting the Road



Just a few other pictures from truck day yesterday.  I am still trying to figure out why they were loading a “PEA” sign. Hope someone from the Red Sox writes to solve that mystery for me- I can’t sleep. The other pictures are of my friends Nagal & Vernell and the trailer they road on with Red Sox Ambassadors and Wally. I forgot to list Nagal & Vernell yesterday in the clubhouse shot- even Richard Weir mentioned them in his article in the Herald today (he is a dog guy so I like him right away).  The trailer lead the truck out of town while flooding the streets with foam baseballs & ballgame music favorites like: Tessie, Sweet Caroline & Muddy Water.  The people in cars and on sidewalks didn’t know quite what to make of this rogue procession, but it produced great smiles and waves as people rolled down their windows and pulled out their phones to take pictures.  I don’t have a shot of the student they passed who mooned from inside a cafe- I guess I we have to keep things at least PG and mostly PC…but that was a special moment.

thanks for trailing me:

Fenway the Dog


Packing up the Clubhouse

On this snowy day in February, the final boxes were packed and loaded on a giant green truck which is now on its way to Fenway South. This is going to be a great season- I feel it (don’t be superstitious because I said that…dogs bring luck).  Some argue that life begins in April, on Opening Day here in Boston.  But the fans who traveled from as far away as Eastern Pennsylvania to see the truck leave for Spring Training, would say that today is the day.  I wish I could have been there to stow away, but I myself am busy with my own service dog training (which takes over a year to complete).  Here is a picture of the truck you all might see on the road if you are on highways heading south.  It is loaded with everyone’s gear and equipment from their lockers and the clubhouse at Fenway where it will be unpacked to use for Spring Training at the brand new Jet Blue Park in Ft. Meyers. I have some friends down there, so I will be able to give you good updates from the inside dog.

Thanks for following,

Fenway the Dog


Who Knows?

Why  97? A couple of days ago, I had some special guests come to Fenway Park for a visit. There are some great pictures from the day which I will share with you this week…there were many uniforms and lots of green (themes of service & troops brought us all together). Perhaps the girls who got an inside look behind the scoreboard will write to solve the mystery of why Wally is holding a 97 (yes, of course I know).  Maybe if I can get 100 of them to follow me, that will motivate me to get the pictures out there faster.  Soon, the blog will be officially announced…and I will invite you all over to Fenway for an event.  I wonder if the Red Sox would let me invite dogs.  I will bring the cookies.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog

By the way, if anyone is interested in what my takeaways are from the Mrs. Brady incident here they are: I will make all my post-game comments in the car with the windows up.  Dogs and reporters have sharp hearing, with  peculiar filters.  I am glad that I am expected to fetch and not throw.  People expect celebrities to be so polite. It would be so hard to not bark or bite when you are being chased and yelled at after a bad day when all you want to do is go hide in your dog house.


Fenway @ Fenway

Most of you never stopped, but for those of you who temporarily got distracted by other things, it is time to start thinking about Red Sox baseball again- full time.  Just to refresh the red clay in my paws…I stopped by for a little walk in the Park with Wally (don’t worry Dave, although it was as hard to resist as a fire hydrant, I stayed on the warning track).  What a beautiful day and what month is it anyway??…it sure felt like spring to me.  I  met with Community Relations to talk about some exciting things coming up for both Fenway the Park and Fenway the Dog this year…it is going to be a big year of activities around the 100th anniversary.  I also had some special guests over…photos to follow.  Just want to give a hint that I think the cookie deal I have been Scouting is in the bag.

stay tuned,

Fenway the Dog



Well, one of the things I can say about sports, is that even though one team might lose, it still leaves lots of people on the other team who are really, really happy.  They can’t both win, except in soccer, which I guess they also call football- but even when they tie, somebody wins.  That is confusing and sounds frustrating but sort of good.  I know that the Patriots wanted to win this for Mrs. Kraft.  Since my department is service…and my job right now is to report on Service Moments, I wanted to point out that with regards to honoring her, they did a great job. Mrs. Kraft did powerful and lasting things to help people all over New England and beyond, and I know that those acts will continue to live on forever.  That is what I call winning and it makes me proud.  By the way, I heard that the Giants family is very nice too…(Mrs. Mara looks like a kind person who would take care of her community too).

It was a very exciting game…  the Patriots have a young team with a bright future.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog



Fellow Fan

I couldn’t resist including this picture of my friend Lola in her Pats gear.  I really love her, and I am not an attorney, but I do think there have to be laws protecting dogs from such exploitation (my strategy is to make her think it looks ridiculous, say I will properly dispose of it, and then wear it to the parade to help me with my ‘game’).

p.s. Just saw a commercial for Sketchers with a bulldog who looks like Lola…dogs & babies are leading.


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