Hats off to Joe

Hi everyone: Because it deserves some extra attention, I just wanted to share a few more photos and thank Joe Bermudez for lending his celebrity musical magic to “Make Noise to save a life”  this past Sunday for Samaritans.  Joe might be an international star…but he is also a guy with a heart bigger than Wally’s hat.  I know this night will live on and continue to have a positive impact- not just because:  it drew so many young & awesome people to the House of Blues on a freezing night , it was one of the Red Sox 100 Acts of Kindness for Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary, it attracted support of generous sponsors, it raised over $50,000 for Samaritans and  it will help train more volunteers to answer more phones…but because i think this is only the beginning of a lot of Noise to come.  Hats off to everyone who came out, and who continue to speak up.  We hope this will help to save many lives.

thanks for showing up, and thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog


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Thank you, Fenway the Dog, for recognizing the wonderful talents of Joe Bermudez and the support of the Boston Red Sox for one of their 100 Acts of Kindness – Make Noise to Save a Life is a tremendous event and it generated much needed support for the suicide prevention programs of Samaritans!!

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