Hello!  I had such a good week recovering at home; I am refreshed and ready to report about the last few exciting days over at Fenway Park. Before i do, i wanted to share with you this photo from my friends Nagal and Vernell.  You remember them from the New Years’, and the Shameless hat Santa pics. Today, Nagal and Vernell ran across these two new friends in their neighborhood- not only did they look like clones- but their names are Verney and Vanguard.  it was very comical when they were having a playful mix up in the driveway… they couldn’t be sorted out when they were called. Sort of like around the Forman house with all of those Georges running around.  This brought about my Big Idea of the Week*…I should gather 100 black labs and make the first Dog Flash Mob at the ballpark to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park.  (Please don’t write and tell me that flash mobs are “so 5 minutes ago” or tell me that so is that expression)

*By the way, since i now officially work for the Red Sox, that means that Larry Lucchino is one on my bosses.  I heard that he has this rule he applies to some people with too many Big Ideas- limit of only one per week.  Well Larry, you are awesome, but that limit thing is in itself a bad idea. So, for now i hope i can come up with lots, and then we can chose the good ones.  Maybe i wont do the flash mob- but it is fun to think of.  Actually this blog was one of my Big Ideas, and the Red Sox and MLB liked it too- that worked out.  So, I hope you will help a pup out and keep reading.  I will work to keep it interesting and promise to report on meaningful things from a fresh perspective.  This is the first time a baseball team has had an Official Service Dog in Training dog/ reporter.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog



I support the Flash Mob idea! If it is old hat, this could bring it back!

thank you Susie- I have assigned Kevin (even though i have never met him, he seems like a nice enough guy and his email address says he is a supah fan*) to getting sponsorship from Petco for a new Fenway Dog Park. Oh yeah, that makes two Big IDeas for the week. AS soon as i find the site, we will have the flash mob there….because it will be our own park and no one will be the boss of us there. I will check with Joe Moody if he can hook us up with his grass people for special dog friendly grass. Wonder if Joe is following me…Joe are you there?

*i think i am going to start saying and spelling supah like that since i live in Boston area and that’s how we talk

LOL! Fenway, we met in December at The New England Center for Homeless Veterans when you visited with your people friends Stacy, Jared, Ryan & Darnell. A few others, but you were the only dog. Imagine if you had a whole team of Supah Service Dogs to help people out!

oh that’s right Kev! i still need to post some great photos from that visit. one of my New Year’s Promises. i know the Red Sox players loved that visit and having lunch with you guys….Wally too (even though he and I didn’t get to eat)

Well, any time you and Wally want to grab lunch or dinner with those ladies and gents at 17 Court Street- I live a few blocks away and will join you. Stop by our shop in Kenmore and let’s plan out how you and your friends can create a 100 Dog Flash Mob. BTW, I’m taking 4 SupahFans to skate Frozen Fenway tonight! Brrrrr….

How was Frozen Fenway. i think i would have frozen my tail off last night…but i bet the snow made it really magical!

Actually, despite the snow it was a little warmer inside the park, than outside on the streets – less wind. You could’ve handled it – maybe with some puppy paw slippers. So, was that your first snow? Did you chase the snowflakes or was it past your bedtime?!

hey kevin..i just posted a picture from the visit!

Joe Mooney wouldn’t allow that so move on now with the flash mob- great exposure for Service Dogs!

hummm. you are right…we need to stay off the amazing groundskeeper Joe Mooney’s turf. He always has his work cut out for him fixing things up from concerts and hockey rinks. How about this idea Kevin for somewhere in the area- Fenway Dog Park? I’ll scope out sites, you call Petco for sponsorship?

But Fenway Park is a safe space for you dogs to roam free. Perhaps Jim Rice Field in nearby South End. It’s fenced in and could help showcase the youth baseball programs there too.

LOL! I love to watch a dog party. Especialy the CCI pups. They seem to have a special way of play ~ unique to them and quite something to behold

hey Betsy…i know you saw the entry about the chance meeting of my friends Vernell and Nagal with Verney….but Vernell just let me know that Verney was in fact his littermate….OMG- his actual REAL BROTHER! Imagine the serendipity (while you are at it, imagine my even knowing that word!) Vernell and Verney both came from California (and clearly given the last two V names on earth), and eventually ended up in Boston living blocks away from each other. I am starting to write the screen play tonight. In fact, Verney and his puppy raiser were in the 2003 Red Sox calendar. More on that discovery as my research continues. xxoo

My life as a CCI service dog has been so amazing and I loved every moment of my service. Equally amazing things happen when you retire. Just yesterday walking in my neighborhood and enjoying my retired life, I met up with Fenway and my littermate Vernell. The reunion was so sweet to see that boy after so many years. The great news is we can get into shape for baseball season, chasing balls before the team travels to Fort Myers. How many days is it? If they need us for the outfield we will be ready! A second career is always good. We might have to include Vanguard…but he is sooo young! Looking forward to being Verney the dog with the ball and visor.

Hello Verney…glad you are able to master the keyboard too. Vernell and Nagal were so happy that they got to meet you, Vanguard and your puppy raiser’s friend, Debbie. I heard it was a sea of wagging tails and black fur…and would have been a tearful reunion if dogs had tears. Anyway, even though i was not actually there for the reunion, i got a full account. After learning that you might have been in the “2003 Pups in the Park” Red Sox/ Canine Companions Calendar …it was dug up- i think there was also a copy buried in the backyard with a bone in a time capsule…. doesn’t matter how it happened, but it was unearthed. There were lots of great photos with Canine Companions service dogs and their graduates, dogs in training…and also puppy raisers like Mrs. Tucker who you live with now. There were a few Red Sox favorites of course…even Lou Merloni (who was in my last blog), Johnny Pesky and Jason Varitek! Which page were you on? …i want to put the picture on the blog. I really like the big family that we are in. I found out from investigation with Laurie who was the California trainer of Vernell that, in fact, Verney and Vernell have the same dad Bobby! Bobby was one of CCI’s most prolific breeders. Bobby you dog, you. Vernell has two litter mates named Vincent and Vaughn… I am pretty sure they have run out of V names for sure. It is all just so exciting, at least to me, to find out all of these stories. When the calendar was made in 2003, Vernell was still a puppy in training back west. who would know that one day he would be in Boston and part of a big dog reunion story at Fenway Park.

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