Making Noise with Bobby Orr

I did not make it over to Fenway last night to skate with the Legend…but we got this pic for you all to see the set up.  Bobby Orr was showing his support for Make Noise -an important event to raise funds for Samaritans.  Samaritans is a suicide awareness and prevention organization which serves a great part of our Red Sox Nation.  Wally will be at House of Blues in my place this Sunday the 15th to greet about a thousand high school and college age supporters….and get some pictures up on the Red Sox website. This event was named as one of the Red Sox 100 Acts of Kindness to celebrate Fenway’s 100 birthday this year.  I want to help spread the kindness by being a dog blogger of the work the Red Sox Foundation does off the field while the players focus on creating the kindness of winning another World Series!  (some multi-layered kindness to fans and community)  oh, here is the website for the event: there are videos and more cohesive information on there.

so, speaking of ice…i think i will be getting some ‘ice time’ this week at home because I got neutered today- yep. All of the Canine Companions for Independence dogs are neutered/spayed if they are working dogs.  Don’t worry, I will be just as macho… and will be able to focus on working and not out cruising around looking for a girlfriend. I think that working and having my big Red Son family will be more than enough.

just a comment about social media…of course i am only a few months old, but all of the places to write and stay in touch are a little overwhelming.  I am going to stick with this blog.  i found out today that i am going to have this blog moved to the Red Sox/MLB blog. I thought that is really nice of them to invite me in to their web home. i will let you know where to find me.  For now, i am here…just chilling and icing.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog


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Hey Fenway…….your bro here (Feldon) here again. I got “tutored” in December. It was really no big deal. Take care buddy!

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