New Year Disresolution

Wow, the holidays really left me dog tired….but I am rested and refreshed and ready for 2012. It is a great deal for a growing dog to take in…but i am ready for the challenge.  (i am so new to this blog stuff that i am going to be more like an ee cummings of capitalization…the paws have trouble with the shift key.)

First of all, i want to say that i think that New Year’s resolutions are  lame.   But,  i think that i need to make some New Year’s Promises at least, because the Red Sox have bestowed me with the honor of being the official service dog.  Here’s a start: I will vow to step up to the plate (and use more baseball metaphors but not acknowledge them) and make sure that I help to spread the word of the magic of collaboration between a sports team and a young service dog.  Of course I am charged with illustrating the symbolism of a dog’s convening power,  door opening, and overall diplomacy through personal contact and social media…. wait, what?  Maybe it is better for me to just write about my experiences and let you all sort it out organically.

Second, i will be reporting more frequently because i will be linked to Red Sox websites.  I will try to use shorter, easier to follow sentences…dogs often get distracted.  if you want to read people prose you can try another site.

Here is what you can look forward to, or avoid reading  about over the next week as i give you a retrospective of my December activities in Boston.  These include: reading the Grinch Who Stole Christmas to some great kids for ReadBoston event with Mayor Menino (i sat, he read); a trip on a bus with some Red Sox players where we visited Boston Medical Center, Mass General Children’s Hospital, and had lunch with veterans.  More to come.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog


Yo Fenway……how ya doin? Feldon here…remember me….I’m your brother. I have no idea what baseball is but my Mom’s try to get me to watch football. (I have two Mom’s cause they’re are two of them raising me). I live in KC now and go to work a couple of times a week. We work at a place called MetLife. Keep me posted on what you’re doing.

‘sup Feldon. football is cool too…they are a little more difficult to fetch unless they are slightly deflated. we aren’t really allowed to do things like cause football deflation. I am sure you are learning that too in your training. We have to learn to bring items to our companion. it is not very helpful to fetch someones papers for him/her and bring them back all slobbery and holy (even if you are asked to be part of the ‘dog ate my homework’ scam…don’t fall for it…oldest trick in the book and the teachers are totally aware of the ploy). i heard about a Canine Companion dog who lives in New England: he assists a director of a youth center…he even fetches files for him! I work with my puppy raiser at a college…in the science department there is an entire skeleton in the office…yep (hard to resist those bones). take care

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