Hello everyone:

It has been a busy month with lots of activities.  Finally, I am back and settled in waiting for some more food scraps to drop.

I was in Boston a few weeks ago to reconnect with my pals Nagal & Vernell and do some community outreach with the Red Sox Foundation.  N & V thought they  would subject me to a little puppy hazing by making me pose for this photo. I actually think I look rather cute in the Liverpool antlers; Vernell is the homey on the left, and Nagal is the regal one.  They live with the Lucchino family and were also Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) trainees. They did not make it all the way through the program to graduate (CCI calls them Change of Career dogs).  I spent a few days staying with them and followed Vernell around like a motorcycle side car…at night I played the puppy card and slept in bed….

It is time to start making some New Year’s resolutions, which includes writing more often.  Do you all have any ideas for me?

Stay tuned for photos and writings about my visits with some Red Sox players. A couple of them wanted to take me home, but I am worried they might make me sleep in the batting cage- that makes me nervous.

more tomorrow


Fenway the Dog



You are always welcome to visit the Orioles players down here in Baltimore! They are involved in community activities with dogs and cats. The Orioles mascot, The Bird, is very kind- I know you would not chase him.
Happy Holidays, Fenway!!

love birds…could i chase the cats who are chasing the bird?

This is great – can’t wait to read about it! If you meet Chad Epperson (he works for the Red Sox) – tell him his CCI puppy raiser cousin-in-law says HI from Sarasota!

i will look for Chad when i am back in the office don’t you think i need my own office so that i will be able to have meetings and take care of my Red Sox relations and write? i would only need a few creature comforts, computer, fire hydrant in the corner, bed for naps…do you think i need an assistant?

While in Boston did you get to meet the Green Monster? Go to Fenway park? I hope to visit spring training camp with my raisers this year.

Thanks Sanders (CCI pup in training like you)

hello sanders..i have some great photos which i will post soon with Wally when we were visiting some hospitals with a few Red Sox players. the ultimate dog toy…his shoes are bigger than i am! going to spring training would be a great idea….i cant wait to see the new facility. maybe i could stow away in the equipment truck (front seat of course)

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