Change of Seasons

visualizing success

Other than sitting here trying to figure out how to get the cookie out from between those silver sticks… I was thinking about how great I feel about 2012.   I spent some time with The Trophy trying to get my mind around everything there is to look forward to over the next months.  Next week,  I am coming to visit the Red Sox Foundation Home Base Program (meeting vets on Veteran’s Day…a huge honor),  planning on stopping by Children’s Hospital, and possibly stopping by Baseball Ops to give Ben Cherington my blessing.  Maybe I will give him some healthy snack ideas for the clubhouse- I am always thinking about food.

As fall rolls out and winter in, I will continue to train and visualize great things to come in the spring- just like our Red Sox.

thank you for following me

Fenway the Dog


Hi Fenway! Looks like you get to travel all over Boston and meet (and help!) new people as a Canine Companion. That sounds like a lot of fun for a cute little guy like you. Are your brothers and sisters learning to be good Companions, too?

Hello Catherine…it is taking me awhile to start replying to comments. my brother has written to me…he is training too. It is really nice to live in the age of the internet so that we are able to keep in touch with people we would not be able to see or write letters to. thanks for following me!

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