November 2011

Big Dog

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
New York City : November 24, 2011

Image of Snoopy Balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeHi!  i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  in case you missed it, here is a picture of the Snoopy balloon in the Macy’s Day parade.  Snoopy is especially important to me and my “family” because the Schultz’s have been immensely generous to Canine Companions.  Jean Schultz* was a handler for the Snoopy balloon  (scary big).  He is the best, coolest dog in history; right up there with Lassie and Brian the dog from Family Guy….and RinTin Tin who has been legendary for over a century.

I think it would be great if all of the famous dogs did some good community service work like Snoopy continues to do.  That’s why Canine Companions has me working with the Red Sox to be a community service dog who visits and reports on important programs from a different perspective.


Fenway the Dog

also you might want to know:

Jean Schultz served as President of the Canine Companions for Independence National Board for over ten years, and is currently Executive Secretary.

The National Headquarters and Northwest Regional Center for Canine Companions for Independence are located on the Jean and Charles Schulz Campus in Santa Rosa, California.


Hello everyone,

Hope you all are planning on embracing some dog mentality focused on eating and relaxing.  Remember, that if you have a pet, it is important to eat and cook carelessly to allow for liberally dropped scraps.

I am sorry that I haven’t written over the past weeks.  I have been working diligently on negotiating a dog cookie deal with the Girl Scouts and some other partners. As I mentioned before, the dog “cookies” would celebrate community service between Canine Companions, Girl Scouts, and the Red Sox….of course commemorating the 100th anniversaries of both Fenway Park and the Girl Scouts.  The Girl Scouts were ahead of their time a century ago, when they welcomed members with disabilities.

Stay tuned for my recipe for dog treats, and new photos!

Thanksgiving is a good time to:  be home, practice “sit” and “stay” skills…and take some long walks.

-Fenway the Dog

Change of Seasons

visualizing success

Other than sitting here trying to figure out how to get the cookie out from between those silver sticks… I was thinking about how great I feel about 2012.   I spent some time with The Trophy trying to get my mind around everything there is to look forward to over the next months.  Next week,  I am coming to visit the Red Sox Foundation Home Base Program (meeting vets on Veteran’s Day…a huge honor),  planning on stopping by Children’s Hospital, and possibly stopping by Baseball Ops to give Ben Cherington my blessing.  Maybe I will give him some healthy snack ideas for the clubhouse- I am always thinking about food.

As fall rolls out and winter in, I will continue to train and visualize great things to come in the spring- just like our Red Sox.

thank you for following me

Fenway the Dog

weathering the storm

so dark without power

Well, it certainly is great to have a fur coat this week (and the vest is not only attractive, but functional for heat retention).  Snow, ice…all new fun concepts for me.  New England really does go straight from beach blanket to snow blanket in a day.  Since we still don’t have power at my house, I have been enjoying practicing my skills as a car passenger . Don’t worry- I am good as long as my water dish doesn’t freeze, and the food keeps flowing. I am looking forward to coming to Boston next week to meet some vets (not dog kind- the protect our country kind).


Fenway the Dog



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