Practicing my self control

Hard to resist these bones

Maybe I should start with something smaller?  Part of my training includes being exposed to different settings people, smells… and yes, oversized temptations.  It is important when I become a service dog and am working, that I am able to focus on my job.  Yes, I do have play time too.

Speaking of playtime, I am too young to have experienced it- but I heard that halloween is a time when you can be whatever you want to be and it’s ok.  Someone told me to fly my freak flag- I don’t know what that is, but I think I won’t do that this year.  I welcome suggestions or pictures from other dogs and graduates.  I was thinking about my brother Finnegan (who wrote the other day, thank you pup bro, bropup).  After hearing about your “boneless” nick name, might I suggest that you be something both lovable and without a backbone? So (during one of my breaks),   I first thought of  an otter, or a lawyer.  But then,  I thought a little more…  Googled otters … and sure enough, even though they are cute, playful and seem lovable,  they do have bones like all mammals… and lawyers.  I really think lawyers are important and wonderful- just couldn’t resist the obvious joke.

Just one more piece of substance today, relating to Canine Companions.  Having a loving, helpful and attentive service dog paired with our graduates makes life better for them.  Maybe every day is not as fun as halloween is, but it certainly helps to soften the interaction between the outside world.  I know for many of you single people, we are often used as pick-up partners.  Same concept, just more substance.

thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog

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This is the Best way to create a two-fer: i’m a Red Sox fan AND a Fenway the Dog fan!! Too cool!

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