Red, Red Everywhere

WS 2013 FenwayWS Bush StadiumI wanted to add these two photos of the ballparks all dressed up.  Actually the Cards call their’s a stadium because the old one was called Bush Stadium… i want to call it a ballpark.  It is a beautiful place- you should all visit it.  It is so nice to be back here, oh wait, i wasn’t even born in 2004.  It is still nice to be here- midwesterners and Cardinal fans are so friendly.  Maybe they could be friendly with some errors or throwing the ball over the plate for Big Pappi tonight.  Also, i like those give away towels- but maybe people could just twirl them later, or in the privacy of their own homes- they distract from my fan experience.

I hope things go well tonight for the Red Sox…I can’t take a game like last night. We dogs need our sleep.

keep the faith,

Fenway the dog

Make Way for Beards

WS ducklingFenway with beardIMG_9606

Hello everyone:

I am not even going to make excuses about my extended absence, i know you all have lives and also low expectations about my writing regularity.

With that said, i will let you know that I GRADUATED (!!!!!!) and am now teamed with an awesome young man and his family.  Sorry Salty…i can’t come live with you, and you need to focus on baseball and helping umpires to update some rules.  If i had been at last night’s game i would have run on the field and showed them some real interference!  My new family is wonderful and they love the Red Sox.  They have respect and support for my continuing to write.  No, they are not in the Witness Protection Program…I just need to keep my two working lives separate so you all won’t come over and trick or treat just to meet my new family.  Candy is expensive.

Because i am an obvious fan of the furriness …i also fully endorse the beard.  (what do you think of mine?) I think they belong on the players, fans, ducklings, cupcakes, and anywhere the magic can be enhanced.  Mine gets in the way a little when i am eating and drinking- but i am taking one for the Team.

keep the faith,

Fenway the Dog


Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams



Floating Down Pennsylvania Avenue


Hello patient followers:

It has been a busy winter and I can’t wait to tell you about:  Christmas at Fenway, a new addition to Bentley University …and about being Santa at Greenfield Community College’s holiday party and wish you a happy new year.  I can do that really fast- Happy New Year.  The rest will have to wait until after….

this Sunday,January 21st

Because I will be in the Inaugural Parade with 56 CCI assistance dogs and dogs-in-training! Dream come true for Canine Companions- could be better than winning the World Series (if it happened more often).  I know that Governor and Mrs. Patrick have a fine lab- perhaps we can all have a sit down while we are all in town to discuss some issues small and large like: covering service dogs for military vets with PTSD, health care,  gun violence, and that silly trillion-dollar coin (they are all serious as a cliff- “the” cliff, but the coin has to be a joke from a Saturday Night Live skit that the news got confused with a real story).

Here is some information about the parade before I float too off track:

2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade on January 21st in Washington DC.

CCI is one of 43 organizations from across the nation selected for this honor from over 2,800 applicants.   134 CCI assistance dog teams, puppy raising families, volunteers and supporters will march in the parade, along with 57 assistance dogs and dog-in-training, which will be viewed by millions across the globe.

“The President has placed a big emphasis on the idea of service – including a National Day of Service as part of the inaugural tradition – and many of the groups chosen to march in the parade reflect the idea of serving one another and giving back to the community”, according to the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Take a look at the News 9 coverage and story ( in case the link doesn’t work):–

More later…hope you will be watching the parade.

thanks for following,

Fenway the Dog

Winter Pause For More Fall


Maybe winter could hold back for a week or so.  Fall is so great…and Sandy blew the good part away (I found one last leaf).

I am so happy that my fellow CCI* pups and family members are safe after having lived through 8 days without power in our training facility on Long Island.  Hope you all will look on the Canine Companions for Independence website…you will be able to see graduation photos.  Also, there is a link to a Eukanuba live puppy cam.  Nothing is cuter than puppies…babies are a distant second, and then, I guess…well…those are the only cute living things that i like.  Kittens maybe.

thanks for following me,

Fenway the Dog

*Canine Companions for Independence

Not a Trick…here come the treats

Hello Everyone!

Even Hurricane Sandy cant keep me from coming to town this week to see my friends.  I will be handing out some treats at Halloween at Fenway (please come), and blowing around town giving some Fenway the Dog Treats to dog-friendly businesses.  We landed some at Angell Memorial last week for their Hall of Fame Dinner and for their Pit Bull Spay/Neuter clinic.  (if you go there, I can’t promise it will still be hanging on the letter d…but please go visit them and their adoption center while you are there…tell them I sent you).

Not to be a tattle tail but, some dog friendly places I know of for starters are: Fast Frame in Washington Square in Brookline Village.  Hsui-Lan, the owner, always has her greyhound in the store, and recently coordinated a dog-friendly community Wag-A-Thon, Serenella on Newbury Leslee the owner raises lots of money for animal support organizations, of course Fairmont Copley Plaza where my pal Catie Copley lives (she almost always in the lobby meeting and greeting)…I am giving them all some treats for being so nice.  There are tons more- please feel free to write me and be a dog-friendly dog catcher.  Nothing makes me more happy than to see a nice water bowl outside of a place of business. Why is it that people are so worried about touching public bathroom door handles while we are sharing slobber and drinking out of toilets?  I am not saying that God likes us more….but don’t you think it is remarkable that we can eat some gross dead thing we find on a walk, while humans get sick from a slightly old bologna sandwich?

In case you are a high school senior and looking for a dog friendly place-  Bentley University might soon be dog friendly…and have some Canine Companions puppies on campus being raised (just as i am doing at Greenfield Community College)!  It is nice of them to also have Canine Companions blue and yellow colors like we do.  Stay tuned for more on that.

See you around Boston this week!


Fenway the Dog


Really?  what have I been doing since June 30th my last post?  That is like 1,488 hours, even if i subtract 992 for napping- it is a bunch of time.  I was thinking of just using the sabbatical excuse, but i haven’t graduated yet. Lots has happened, I am back, I turned one, and I have some exciting things to share with you.  I promise i will start to dust off my photos and draft blog entries.  One is about Joy from the previous post- she has a great story.
Were you wondering about this photo above?  Actually it is a dog from the Burroughs Market in London.  A little random, but I thought it would make you curious and consider getting reengaged as a reader.
Thanks for your patience,
Fenway the Dog

Ode to Joy

This is Joy,  who started out as a Canine Companion puppy like me about 15 years ago.  Part lab, part golden and really smart .  Although she didn’t make it to advanced training, she went on to bring love and companionship to a wonderful man named Brian.   I recently read a story (tail tale) of Joy’s life with Brian,  and hope that he will write to share it with all of you.  I would retell it here, but he is a brilliant writer and I might dog it down too much.   Brian is tall, bold, boisterous, gentle and powerful….and has a heart so big that it barely fits in California. And Joy, well, take a look above…this photo is a thousand-word essay on both of them.

I hope you all are having a great summer, I have missed writing and have so much to share and catch up on.

Thanks for reading,

Fenway the Dog


Head over Heels

Well, I will say that many things happened on the field this Friday including a baseball game, but for some reason this moment keeps drowning out all of the other moments that day.  I will never wash my head again, Paula kissed me.

I am in Love,

Fenway the Dog

P.s. I was downloading some of Paula’s music today… all of the lyrics are also now stuck in my head.  They speak to me…Promise of a New day, Will You Marry Me, Under my Spell….yes, Opposites Attract.

Fenway Park June 8, 2012

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